A video appears to show a lone Ukrainian soldier fending off 10 Russian soldiers in close-quarter trench battle

  • A video appears shows a Ukrainian soldier singlehandedly fending off 10 Russian soldiers.

  • It includes intercepted Russian communications of an exasperated commander issuing orders.

  • The final shot shows a drone dropping explosives on a Russian soldier. Viewer discretion is advised.

A video appears to show a single Ukrainian soldier fending of 10 Russians in a close-quarter trench battle.

The video shows a Ukrainian soldier repeatedly emerging from a dugout to fire a machine gun and throw grenades at the Russian soldiers.

The video was shared on Telegram by Ukraine's 8th Separate Mountain Assault Battalion of the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade, known as Edelweiss, and appears to include audio of intercepted Russian radio communications.

The audio features an exasperated Russian commander issuing urgent orders to his men, telling them: "Go and kill this one bastard who's sitting there."

"Throw grenades at him! One should go down and throw a grenade where he's hiding!" he says, per a translation by X account WarTranslated.

"One guy is holding you off! One! 10 of you!" the Russian commander says.

The desperate Russian soldiers are also struck by Ukrainian drones from above. In the final graphic drone shot, explosives are dropped on a Russian soldier who is torn to pieces.

The bridge said that the skirmish took place in December and that the Russian soldiers were "methodically destroyed by artillery and drones."

They said that the lone Ukrainian fighter emerged unharmed.

It is unclear when and where the video was taken, and Business Insider could not independently verify it.

The Edelweiss brigade said it had shared the video to mark the second anniversary of Russia's invasion.

"Today marks exactly two years of our relentless and courageous struggle against the sworn enemy, not only for freedom and the right to self-determination but for the right to life," they wrote.

"And this episode is only one out of a hundred, or even maybe out of a thousand."

As the war rages on, it has become a conflict of attrition, with both sides trying to grind each other down.

Russia recently secured a victory with the capturing of the town of Avdiivka, viewed as the "gateway" to Donetsk, but suffered major losses of personnel and equipment in the process.

While Ukraine's losses have been marginally lower, its population is about a third of Russia's, meaning it is suffering more acutely from manpower shortages.

Ukraine has also been dealing with stalled aid packages from its main ally, the United States.

Western support has been a major factor in Ukraine's success in holding off a total Russian takeover, and analysts say its ability to win the war will depend on it.

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