Video: Ashland police officer, dog rescued from icy pond

ASHLAND, Ohio (WJW) – When Ashland police officer Abe Neumann learned a dog had fallen in an icy pond and couldn’t get out, he rushed to the scene to help.

A woman said she was walking a friend’s dog Monday afternoon at an Ashland park, when the dog ran out on the ice.

“It was pretty cold so I knew I had to get the dog fast,” Neumann told the FOX 8 I-Team. “So I crouched down on all fours and started inching my way out to the dog. When I got to the edge, I reached out to get the dog and at that point, that’s when the ice gave in and I went in.”

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Neumann said he was able to grab the dog and get the dog out of the water. However, he had on all his equipment and was unable to get himself out of the frigid water.

“I kept thinking, this is not how I am going out,” Neumann said. “I played that over in my head. I thought with my 20 years of ice fishing that I would be able to remain calm and get out. It doesn’t happen like that. It is just instant shock.”

Another officer, Joe Artrip, and two off-duty firefighters worked together to get Neumann out of the water.

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“I definitely wasn’t expecting Officer Neumann to be in the water like that,” Artrip said. “So I was a little surprised by that.”

Neumann and the dog are both OK.

Neumann said he returned to work the next day.

“I am just grateful I got there when I did,” Artrip said, “and that everyone is OK.”

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