Video of assault on AP photographer at US Capitol

An Associated Press photographer was assaulted by protesters outside the US Capitol on Wednesday. Video of the incident was shot by an AP colleague with their head cam. (Jan. 7)

Video Transcript

- Get the fuck out of here.

- Hey!

- Get those [INAUDIBLE] out of here.

- Hey!


- Hey! Calm down!

- Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

- Get out of here.

- OK. I got him. I got him.

- Run.

- OK. Leave him alone.

- All right.

- Get the fuck out of here. [INAUDIBLE]


- Hey [BLEEP].



- Hold on.

- Who is he? Who is he?


- Antifa.


- Hold up, guys.

- Let me get him. Who's [INAUDIBLE]--

- Get that gun.


- You Antifa?

- No.

- Get out of here.

- You not Antifa? You [? Antifa? ?] Come with me. [BLEEP]

- C'mon, c'mon, c'mon. We'll walk you out. Let's go. Let's go.

- Get out of here, dude.

- Come with me.

- Guys, stop. Let him go.