VIDEO: Barrage of bullets hits homes, cars in northwest Charlotte neighborhood

Police are looking into who’s responsible for a shooting in a northwest Charlotte neighborhood that left residents on edge.

Home surveillance video shared with Channel 9 shows the moments gunfire erupted on Crandon Drive just after 1 a.m. Tuesday.


In the video above, three people are seen pointing and shooting guns at each other several times.

No one was reported to be hit by the bullets, but the police report lists nine cars and one trailer suffered damage from the shooting.

Channel 9′s Hannah Goetz spoke with neighbors, most of whom were too scared to talk on camera.

One woman said she was hiding in fear as the alleged shooters stood right in her yard.

“I want to cry, I want to run, I don’t want to be here,” Faviana Rompolla said.

She told Goetz she left her home in Venezuela to find safety in the United States, but she still lives in fear. Some of what she said was translated by Telemundo Charlotte’s Emi Darquea.

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“I left my county because of this type of situation,” she said, adding that she thought America was supposed to be a safe place.

Rompolla said she installed eight cameras around her home after someone broke in a few months ago, and now, it’s hard to justify living there.

“I want to leave this house, I don’t want to live here no more, it’s no safer for anyone,” she said.

The youngest of the 23 victims listed in the police report was just one year old.

At least 3 suspects are wanted for the shooting. CMPD told Goetz that no arrests have been made yet.

‘It’s concerning’

This wasn’t the only act of violence in northwest Charlotte on Tuesday.

One person was sent to a hospital with life-threatening injuries after being shot on Brooktree Drive Tuesday evening, MEDIC said.

“It’s concerning,” said Susie Taylor, president of Freedom Division Community Crime Watch. “I want to pick up the phone to see where my grandchildren are, where my daughter is, that my neighbors are safe.

CMPD officers were at the quarterly Freedom Division Community Crime Watch meeting in west Charlotte Tuesday night.

Taylor said the officers teach neighbors how to stay safe during unexpected catastrophes.

Community activist Lucille Puckett is running for state Senate and worries that people are growing numb to the violence.

“I want our neighbors, our community to become more engaged, more vigilant, more involved,” Puckett said.

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