Video captures Nebraska coal train derailment

A Union Pacific train hauling more than 30 cars of coal went off its tracks near Gothenburg, Neb., Tuesday morning.

Video from a nearby business’ security camera shows sparks shooting from under the train during the derailment, which occurred at 1:45 a.m. and caused no injuries, according to local station KNOP.

The cause of the derailment wasn’t immediately clear.

Earlier this month, a Norfolk Southern train carrying toxic chemicals crashed in Ohio. Locals who were evacuated after the crash have complained of coughing and watering eyes.

Lawsuits are reportedly being filed by alleged victims of the derailment and subsequent controlled release and slow burning of its contents.

There did not immediately appear to be discharge from the derailed train in Nebraska.

Union Pacific, which also hauls hazardous materials, responded to the crash in Ohio with a Twitter post assuring the public such incidents are rare and that it has a comprehensive Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Plan in place.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tweeted Tuesday that he’s following procedure by staying out of the way of National Transportation Safety Board investigators, but plans to visit Ohio once “the policy phase” begins.

He also called on lawmakers to work with the Biden administration to hold freight railroad companies responsible for dangerous mishaps. Buttigieg told CBS News the criticism he took for letting 10 days pass before publicly addressing the situation in Ohio was a “lesson learned.”

Roughly 1,000 trains derail every year, according to the transportation head.

Three Union Pacific trains reportedly derailed near Gothenburg in 2022.