Video compilation of Russian fiasco at Avdiyivka’s meat grinder

Countless Russian losses in Avdiyivka compiled in single video
Countless Russian losses in Avdiyivka compiled in single video

The Russian General Staff's decision to launch a massive attack on Avdiyivka in Donetsk Oblast with units far from combat readiness, including "Storm Z," has turned into a complete fiasco.

At least 30 armored vehicles were destroyed and countless infantry losses were reported by OSINT analysts studying publicly available combat videos within days of the attack's launch on Oct. 10.

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The Russians paid a high price for rather modest gains on the battlefront. The most spectacular episodes of this failed blitzkrieg have been compiled into a single video on social media to better understand the disastrous Russian attempt to storm well-fortified Ukrainian position.

Moscow continues to feed Avdiyivka’s meat grinder, hoping to break through the Ukrainian army's defenses by piling up bodies, just like the Wagner mercenaries experienced in Bakhmut.

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The Ukrainian Armed Forces respond by successfully repelling the Russian suicide attacks.

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