Video: This is the first TV commercial for Apple Pay

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Is Apple Pay the future of the payment industry? Is it just an overhyped fad that will eventually vanish from sight like Google Wallet? Early indications certainly seem to suggest that the former may in fact be the case, but we won’t know for certain for quite some time. In the meantime, the early response to Apple’s mobile wallet solution has been tremendous as users continue to enjoy this frictionless mobile payment solution in the few establishments where Apple Pay is currently accepted.

Now, as companies begin a campaigns in support of Apple’s payment solution, the first TV commercial featuring Apple Pay has been aired.

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While Apple has secured a number of banks as early Apple Pay partners, MasterCard has the honor of debuting the world’s first Apple Pay ad.

The company does a good job of highlighting Apple Pay’s ease of use despite the fact that its own services and the World Series are the focuses of the TV commercial. Baseball legend and Hall of Famer George Brett makes a great cameo as well, and the full TV spot is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

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