Video game releases: 'Untitled Goose Game' on PS4 and XBO, silly hopeful 'Wattam,' 'SuperEpic,' more

"Untitled Goose Game" ruffles feathers, loudly, on PlayStation and Xbox, charmingly odd "Wattam" waddles peacefully onto PS4, retro shooter "Demon Pit" provides a deafening blast of pre-"Doom Eternal" nostalgia, "SuperEpic" takes a cute llama leap through the innards of an evil video game corp, and "Planetary Dustoff" explores alien planets through weaponry and explosions.

Untitled Goose Game
For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

[PS4 and Xbox One trailer:]
The mid-year hit about being a naughty goose arrives on PlayStation and Xbox after waddling, grabbing and honking all over Switch and PC.

For PlayStation 4, PC (Epic Games Store)

[Gameplay Trailer:]
Ridiculously silly and charming story about transforming a gloomy world by wandering around, making friends and holding hands.

Demon Pit
PlayStation 4

[Announce Trailer:]
Making no bones about its 1990s action game inspiration -- "Doom" -- this wave-based arena shooter sports ten enemy types and seven weapons to dispatch them with. Released on PC (via Steam) in October, with Xbox and Switch debuts the week of December 24.

For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC (Steam)

[Launch Trailer:]
A llama-riding raccoon sets out to save not the day, nor the world, but video games. Doing so means exploring and mastering the labrynthine offices of the evil mega-publisher Regnantcorp, while leveraging a (no cost) in-game economy to your advantage.

Planetary Dustoff
PC (Steam, GOG)

[Release Trailer:]
Help find a new home for the Space Faction by eviscerating the bullet-spewing alien life forms that dare inhabit three candidate planets. Tons of weapons, items, and pets, an expandable space station base, procedurally generated worlds and community mods.