Moment several cars pull over to intervene as Black woman is pulled over by police

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Video goes viral as motorists pull over to film encounter between Black woman and police (TikTok/@sheniweird )
Video goes viral as motorists pull over to film encounter between Black woman and police (TikTok/@sheniweird )

A TikTok video went viral after it showed motorists pulling over to film and monitor an encounter between a Black woman and Missouri police.

A string of cars stopped on the road near St Louis to ensure that the officers dealt with the woman appropriately, according to the TikTok user who filmed the incident.

Multiple cars can be seen stopping in the road after a man riding with the woman was pulled out of the car by officers and she began screaming for help.

No details were given in the video, which has more than 13,500 likes, about the police department involved in the stop.

“When I see a young African American woman screaming for help, and it’s three to four White Police with guns drawn on her, and she’s unarmed, you damn right I’m showing up and showing out until I find out what it’s all about,” said @sheniweird by caption and voiceover.

“We need answers every time. She deserves the same respect homegrown terrorists got. You’re not just gone shoot her over a traffic violation. Not today.”

She even got out of her car and walked up to the scene, where she received a thumbs up from a white motorist who had also pulled over to check on the situation.

“When I pulled over, everyone pulled over,” she says via a voiceover.

And her followers were impressed with the community response to the situation.

“Everybody pulling over; that’s what I’m talking about,” wrote TikToker @tonijames12.

And @theresabuford added: “Every single person that pulled over did the right thing.”

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