Video of Golden Retrievers 'Practicing Trick-or-Treating' Is Pure Internet Gold

This might be the best thing we've seen all year.

With Halloween just a few weeks away, it's time to finish up decorating, finalize your costume and run to the store for candy. You know, all the usual Halloween stuff. But this year you might want to add purchasing dog treats to the list.

Apparently, dogs are making their rounds this year, looking for treats just as kids do. TikTok user @gamjamypotato is even prepping the family's Golden Retrievers so they know what to do on Halloween night. You know what they say, practice makes perfect, and well, these two are going to be great! 

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O.M.G. This hands down wins the costume contest for this year and we haven't even seen all the kiddos outfits! Hate to break it to the kids, but there's no way this cuteness can be topped! 

"Okay I need to move to this neighborhood because I need trick or treaters like this," said @ashhole069. Uhh, same! How about instead of moving, everyone starts bringing their dogs trick-or-treating? No one would mind that! In fact, people would prep for that in a heartbeat. "This is making me have a separate bowl for doggos!!! Tysm," commented @aprilhammer5. That's not a bad idea! @SpeedyRogue added, "Would give them all my candy." LOL! It's hard not to when the trick-or-treaters are this cute!

Seems like dogs are doing everything these days! That's why we stand behind @alex02rt's comment that reads, "I’m not surprised if dogs can use excel in the future." LOL! We wouldn't put it past them! 


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