Video: What happens when an iPhone is dropped into boiling oil?


A video of an iPhone being dropped into a boiling pot of frying oil has gone viral.

Uploaded by TikTok user Zaiem Ainn (@zaiem_ainn) on Jan. 25, the video shows the Malaysian friend chicken vendor using his iPhone to take a video of his cooking. As he brings the smartphone closer to get a better look at the fried chicken, the iPhone is dropped into the boiling oil.

The video goes black as the phone sinks into the oil until the device is taken out of the pot. However, the iPhone continues recording as the owner shows a smile of relief in a second clip at the end of the video.

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“Thank you iPhone,” Ainn wrote in the video’s captions. “Your item really is satisfying.”

The video quickly went viral, reaching over 974,400 views and 81,100 likes as of this writing.

In awe of the iPhone’s oil and heat resistance, commenters shared their amazement in the comments.

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“iPhone is best!,” one user wrote with a laughing emoji.

“Crispy iPhone I guess,” another joked.

Others tagged Apple to get the company’s attention.

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“@apple next commercial,” wrote one user.

“@apple can’t miss this review,” commented another.

On Saturday, Ainn uploaded an additional video revealing the condition of his iPhone.

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“My iPhone condition,” Ainn explained in the description. “Thank God it’s all good.”

@zaiem_ainn Replying to @Fazli Halim condition telepon alhamdulillah bereh #fyp #fypシ゚viral #iphone ♬ original sound - Abey Ayam King's Paya Keladi

In the video, the phone seems to work without issue, which Ainn tests by playing music.