Video of kitten in tree brings decades of “hang in there, baby” posters to life

Reid McCarter
·1 min read

If there was ever a time when those old posters of a cat hanging on a branch or clothesline were needed, it’s now. As one day melts into another, we could all use a bit of encouragement from the set of words that accompany the image of a long-suffering animal suspended in midair. We’re all just trying to hang in there, baby, and maybe a picture of a cat doing the same can help us persevere.

Luckily, our morale has been given a fresh boost thanks to a kitten that was filmed inadvertently reenacting decades of inspirational posters.

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There isn’t a lot to say about this kitten that the short clip doesn’t explain on its own. Someone recorded a baby cat hanging in a tree, confidently looking out over the world beyond the branches it clings to with its little cat toes. Even better than the original hang in there, baby poster, this cat doesn’t even seem troubled by its situation. It’s a bolder, more self-assured creature that, by its example, makes us want to be bolder, more self-assured creatures, too.

As Marge Simpson once sadly noted, the original “hang in there, baby” cat is long since dead. That’s too bad, but don’t let it bring you down. It’s 2021 and we have a new, improved feline role model to look up to. Let it be an example for the struggles ahead. Picture it in your mind as you, like it, hang in there (baby).

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