Video of Little Dog Who Was Just Surrendered After Being Adopted During COVID Is Just So Sad

We wish people would realize just how much goes into adopting a pet.

Adopting a pet might be fun and rewarding, but it's a lot of work, too. You're also committing to them for life! A dog or cat won't understand what's going on if they're surrendered to the shelter (especially if they've been there before), and that's what makes situations like this oh-so-heartbreaking.

AGWG Rockin' Rescue posted a video of their newest owner surrender, a little terrier named Chandler, and TikTok is collectively crying for him. He needs to find a real forever home! 

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We are just heartbroken for this sweet boy--he doesn't deserve to be surrendered! Of course, we don't know the owners' situation, but it's so hard to understand what could've led to something like this. Chandler clearly loved his owner! 

"I don't know how some people have the heart to surrender their pets even after seeing their sad reaction I could never 💔," agreed commenter @b77512. We're absolutely shattered, and Chandler isn't even our fur baby! "The way he keeps looking back 🥺," broke @rachaaelbrand's heart, and we're right there with her. We can only imagine what's going through this pup's mind.

Fortunately, there are several viewers in the comments who've expressed interest in adopting Chandler. As cute as he is, he won't have any trouble finding a loving home--and we cannot wait to see it happen!

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