Video: Next opportunity for rain will be coming this weekend

Cloud cover will be intermittent until then, and temperatures will be warmer on Friday and Saturday.

Video Transcript

- So as we head to the overnight and into tomorrow morning, there will be some clouds at times. But the deeper we get into late tomorrow morning, lunchtime, and afternoon, the larger the percentage of our area that should be getting sunshine. But notice the wind will still be coming off the ocean. That's why it'll be cooler along the coast in the afternoon than inland areas.

40 to 45 tonight. Some clouds, not quite as cool as recent nights. And then for tomorrow, we may start out with clouds in a lot of spots, but I think it gets sunnier as the day goes on, particularly midday and afternoon. 60s for inland areas, 50s for the shoreline. Those are your projected high temperatures for tomorrow.

All right. So, now, let's see what happens. [? Weak ?] high pressure is in control, pretty much through Friday and on into Saturday. Maybe we'd get some increase of cloudiness, but I don't see any precipitation. But, now, as we get through Saturday night, the clouds will be thickening. And then as we get to Sunday, rain will be approaching from the West.

Now, there's some chance, slight chance the rain will stay south of us or weaken as it approaches us. But right now, the odds are more likely than not that we will get into some rain at some point during Sunday. So looking at your weekend, there's your milder of the two days on Saturday, 55 to 60 on the Cape, 65 to 70 around Boston, maybe a little cooler right in the city and on the shore, but it could be 70 or a little higher over the interior.

But a cooler day Sunday due to the clouds and the threat of some wet weather, which we could use because look, so far, each and every month, January, February, and March were below average. April is a drop above, but that's all because it rained significantly April 1st. But we haven't had anything since then.

All right, let's check it out for you. The next seven days, there you have it. Pretty nice weather overall right through Saturday, and then that chance of wet weather on Sunday, which means as of now, Saturday would be the weekend pick. And it looks coolish for the early part of next week.