Video of Orlando Shelter Dogs Desperate for Love and Attention Should Compel People to Adopt

This is tough to watch but awareness needs to be spread.

We all understand that there are so many dogs out there that need a good home. But a new video on TikTok is sharing the heartbreaking reality of what a dog shelter actually looks like. If this video doesn't motivate you to adopt, we don't know what will!

Photographer Albert Harris (@aharrisphoto) has been documenting the goings-on in the Orange County Animal Services where so many dogs are waiting for a new home.

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"We are currently at almost 170 dogs at Orange County Animal Services again," he wrote in the text overlay. "These babies just want a furever home. Together we can make it happen!" 

"You can hear them barking just begging for whatever attention they can get as people walk on by. It can be overwhelming for many but they NEED your help!" he added in the caption. 

People in the comments section were stunned. "May god bless them all with wonderful forever homes," @lisaabro36 wrote. "We can do it. Who doesn’t want unconditional love?" @from_amanda_with_love wondered. "Their sad faces! Like they are in prison through no fault of their own," @al001936 added. "So upsetting. These poor babies," @yobe_15 agreed. 

Later in the thread, Harris explained that he doesn't enjoy sharing clips like these, but raising awareness is so important. "It breaks my heart to make these kinds of videos but this is the reality so many shelter dogs face," he explained. 

"Let’s get them seen," he added.

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