Video of Rescue Cat Being Reunited With His Sister Makes Our Hearts So Happy

How wonderful that his owner went back for his sibling.

A lot can change for a rescue animal, even once they've found a forever home. New people, unfamiliar places, and a routine to get used's a lot to take in all at once! There are some pretty amazing pet parents out there, though, and the things they do for their fur babies are nothing short of spectacular.

Cat mama and Tiktok user @kayy.queenn is one of those amazing pet parents, as she proved to her new rescue with a selfless, life-changing gesture. Rafiki the ginger cat will never be alone again!

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Isn't this such a sweet story? Knowing that these two orange tabbies will be together for the rest of their lives makes us oh-so-happy. Their adorable, Lion King-inspired names are just a bonus, of course. 

"My cat’s name is Sarabi too!" commented @dr.jacky.dvm. "Congrats on the newest family member!" It definitely is a cause worth celebrating! Plus, if a veterinarian gives their cat that name, you know it's got to be good. But you know what's even better than a cute name? Giving a rescue cat a loving home. 

"I have cried before at the kitties in the adoption cages and have adopted them and they’ve been the best cats," agreed @higgyfartdust. Rescued babies can be the absolute best! Not only will they appreciate every moment of love and comfort you give them, but you'll feel rewarded AF watching your buddy become the best version of themselves. 

Now that @kayy.queenn has these fur siblings to love and care for, though, her life is going to be quite busy! Just as @stcrcatcher said, she is "such an amazing person. Thank you for this." 

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