Video: Samsung’s latest killer Galaxy S4 ad

Brad Reed
Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad Diaper Changing
Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad Diaper Changing

As we’ve often noted, the brilliance of Samsung ads is how they take their smartphones’ most mundane features and gimmicks and make them look like life-changing technological achievements. The company’s latest ad for the Galaxy S4 is no exception, as it demonstrates all the ways that the device can help an inexperienced father master the art of diaper changing.

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The ad cleverly shows off three key features from Samsung’s latest smartphone: The Air View feature that lets you answer your phone just by waving your hand in front of it, which helps the father talk to his wife without taking his attention away from the baby; the voice command functionality that lets him look up a diaper changing tips video without picking up his device; and the Smart Pause eye-tracking technology that pauses the instruction video whenever the father looks away from his phone to focus on the baby.

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The full video is posted below.

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