VIDEO: San Mateo actor on 'General Hospital' performs new song

There are many emerging talents in the Bay Area. One Emmy-nominated actor just announced his college decision on Midday Live, then debut his newest jam.

Video Transcript

WILLIAM LIPTON (SINGING): We told ourselves that every day, every day is further from yesterday, yesterday. It's going to get better.

- That is San Mateo's very own, the multi-talented William Lipton. The last time he was with us here on Mid Day Live. Now we watched him grow up and his career soar since he started two and 1/2 years ago on ABC'S "General Hospital" as Cameron Webber. Today, he has a couple of surprises and treats to share with ABC7 viewers. So joining us today, the one, the only San Mateo High School senior, actor, singer, songwriter William Lipton. Hey, William. I was going to say--

WILLIAM LIPTON: Hello Mrs. E. How are you?

- I'm just fine. I was going to say future EGOT winner, but I thought that might be too much pressure. But good to see you.

WILLIAM LIPTON: It's great to see you, as well. I hope you're well.

- We are doing well. I know you're on a taping break from "General Hospital" right now. But it's been quite the season for you and Cameron. The twists and turns included you shaking your head, huh?

WILLIAM LIPTON: Yes, that did happen. It's growing back pretty fast, but I was happy to support "General Hospital" in any way I could. So I guess it meant losing my luscious locks.

- Yeah, no that was a terrific storyline, too, with Franco. OK, you're finishing up senior year. Of course, when you first landed the role, you were just starting sophomore year. So it's incredible to watch you grow. Has distance learning this year made juggling your studies and your career easier or harder?

WILLIAM LIPTON: You know, all I can say is that it's different. Now my classmates can join me on the adventure a little bit and see me zooming in from the car on I-5 or on set in my dressing room. So I think it's fun in that aspect. But it still takes a lot of communication, a lot of dedication, and a lot of love for what I do.

- OK, well, before we debut your song-- well, it was on "General Hospital"-- but debut it on local TV, here, I know college applications have been stressful. But I can see from your hoodie, there, it's all behind you. You got a big reveal for us, there, where you're going next year?

WILLIAM LIPTON: Yes. Yes, I am so happy to say that I will be going to LA. I'm going to go to the University of Southern California, next year, for my college studies. And it is just an absolute dream come true. I remember when I was a little kid, I did a project at the campus. And I was like, man, it would be so amazing to go there. And now here I am in the USC Thornton School of Music hoodie, and I am just beyond excited for what's to come.

- Well, they are lucky to have you. OK, so your song "We Weren't Done With This Yet," it is fantastic. I know you wrote it for "General Hospital," but it's meaningful. And you're going to take us out to break singing it for us, right?

WILLIAM LIPTON: I would sure love to do that.

- All right, best of luck to you. And here is "We Weren't Done With This Yet" by William Lipton. Take it away.


WILLIAM LIPTON (SINGING): Staring at a story. Made it day by day.

Paint another from memories so they won't go away.

The love that you gave, your patience for me, locked in the canvas for as long as we need.

But for reasons unknown, I'm left alone.

Our hearts focused on a lonely brush upon the floor.

We weren't done with this yet.

Staring at a story, the canvas seems bare.

And all I can see are the colors that should be there.

'Cause you're not here, this picture's wrong.

Only see the empty space, all the work that is undone.

'Cause for reasons unknown, I was left alone.

I watched you leave. I still feel that we, we weren't done with this yet.

We weren't done with this yet.

'Cause you're not here, this feels so wrong.

I see the empty space where you and I belong.

We weren't done with this yet.