Video of Senior Dog Trying to Go Back to His Former Owners' House Is Just Heartbreaking

He doesn't understand why they left him.

Owning a pet means caring for them their entire life--not only when they are young and healthy. Senior pets are just as loving and sweet as their younger selves, so it breaks our hearts to see an innocent fur baby in distress after being surrendered. This video of Buddy the senior Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is no exception. 

TikTok user and dog mom @maryanneconte436 shared the clip of her rescue dog passing by his old house, where his former owners lived. Though Buddy has a loving forever family now, it's very hard to see him so confused. 

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Poor baby! We wish we could explain to him what happened, but we know his new mama is positively showering him with love. Still, we're totally on the same page as @fortheloveforbuddy2020 who wrote, "This is so sad 😭 he continues to look." Don't you feel for the pup?

There's no denying that he misses his family who moved away, but Buddy is probably still operating on habit. Commenter @mkv0404 said, "we moved down the block & my dog does the same & she lives with me. It’s the house & a routine." Over time they will adjust!

Still, it might help to follow @robembry's suggestion: "maybe if the new owners are OK with it let him smell around the garage and front door? He will smell new smells." It's such a difficult situation to endure with an adopted pup, but we know @maryanneconte436 will take amazing care of Buddy.

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