Video from SEPTA bus may hold key clue in Philadelphia mall killing

The person responsible for a fatal shooting inside the Philadelphia Mills mall, that left the stepson of a DA's office detective dead, remains at large.

Video Transcript

JIM GARDNER: But the big story on "Action News Tonight" is the investigation into yesterday's deadly shooting at the Philadelphia Mills Mall. The man who was killed was the 21-year-old stepson of a county detective. Authorities have launched a dragnet for two men seen on some surveillance video, but it seems investigators have a long way to go before they make any arrests in this one. Live at the scene of the shooting is Action News reporter Annie McCormick. Annie, what is the latest there?

ANNIE MCCORMICK: Well, Jim, at this point police have not named any suspects, but they are looking for the people that were on that SEPTA bus surveillance video. They believe that they boarded the SEPTA bus shortly after the shooting at a stop that's right behind me.

- Report of gunshots from inside.

ANNIE MCCORMICK: Monday evening, people ran for their lives inside Philadelphia Mills Mall as gunfire erupted. 21-year-old Dominic Billa was struck out least five times in the chest and pronounced dead at the scene. In this food court surveillance video, a man is seen throwing a man on crutches to the ground. Police say a large fistfight then broke out and shots were fired. Investigators are looking over the surveillance video. Billa was seen on an Instagram video prior to the shooting walking into the mall wearing similar clothes as the man seen on surveillance attacking the man on crutches.

JAYLEN MAYER: First, we thought this large balloon popped, so everyone looked up. And we heard more, so that's when everyone started to get up and scream and run.

ANNIE MCCORMICK: Denise Mayer and her nine-year-old son, Jaylen, were eating pizza, then ran. They were trampled. Mayer believes she cracked a rib. Both her and Jaylen have bruises and scrapes. This is on the heels of recent mass shootings across the country. Many did not know if this was an active shooter situation. Police locked down the mall and the SWAT team went store to store to clear the mall.

DENISE MAYER: It's a shame that that young man had to lose his life.

ANNIE MCCORMICK: Today, city council held a regularly scheduled Special Committee on Gun Violence meeting to talk about the city's murder rate. Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said police are taking hundreds of guns off the street, but gun convictions are down. And she said this about the killing of our young people.

DANIELLE OUTLAW: They're turning to guns when they are caught up in an altercation, social media beefs. Folks used to say, as cheesy as it sounds, use your words. They're not using their words. They're immediately going to guns.

ANNIE MCCORMICK: And Jim, the district attorney releasing a statement today condemning the violence but also confirming that the victim is the stepson of a detective within the district attorney's office's homicide unit. For now, reporting live in the Northeast, Annie McCormick, Channel 6 Action News. Jim.

JIM GARDNER: Thank you, Annie.