Mansfield school officials investigating video showing alleged racial slur during basketball game

Mansfield school officials are investigating an incident caught on camera that allegedly shows a fan at a high school basketball game yelling a racial slur.

Jose Fortunado was watching his brother, a Sharon High School senior take on Mansfield when he was fouled late in the game and sent to the free-throw line. Jose says a racial slur was yelled at his brother from the student section. He says he then recorded the portion of the game’s live stream and listened to it over and over to make sure he was clear on what he heard

Jose called his mom Niurka about the alleged incident at Mansfield High.

“Good thing I wasn’t there, to be honest,” Niurka said. “This shouldn’t be happening period.”

In a statement sent out on Friday, Superintendent Teresa Murphy says her administration is taking these allegations very seriously.

“This morning, I was made aware of a social media video being circulated today that contains audio of a member of the audience allegedly shouting a racial slur during the basketball game at Mansfield High School last night,” she said. “Upon learning of this incident, I immediately ordered the launch of an investigation with the assistance of school officials and the district’s School Resource Officer, in keeping with our policies and procedures.”

Parents picking up their kids at Mansfield High first heard of the investigation Friday afternoon.

“It’s crazy in this day and age that someone would behave like that,” one parent said.

Jose and his mother are concerned the event will have a negative impact on their loved one with plans to go to college next year.

“Last thing I want is for him to hinder that and kind of make him feel discouraged or not give him the same opportunity everybody else may have,” Jose described. “We are all equal no matter who you are no matter where youre from no matter color no matter anything.”

Boston 25 News has obtained the video but is electing not to release it at this time.

“If our investigation concludes that a racial slur was used, any student involved will face discipline in accordance with our student code of conduct and handbook,” Superintendent Murphy said. “We want all students to feel a sense of belonging and believe there is no place for hateful language in our school or school community. Our core values reflect our wish that all students respect others and act in ways that reflect their best selves.”

Boston 25 News has reached out to Sharon Public Schools for comment.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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