Video shows angry crowds at China funeral parlor

STORY: Video obtained by Reuters showed dozens of people and vehicles crowding outside the gate of the funeral home. In the second part of the video, scenes of frustration were captured inside a packed hall of the building where people were filmed shouting.

Reuters was able to verify the location of the first part of the video by matching the exterior of the building seen with file images of the location linked above on Baidu map. Additionally, Reuters was able to verify the second part of the video, showing indoor footage of a building, with file images of the interior of Jinan city funeral parlour available on Bing search engine. Reuters was not able to independently verify the date on which the videos were filmed.

After three years of ruthless anti-coronavirus curbs, President Xi Jinping scrapped the country's zero-COVID policy of lockdowns and relentless testing this month in the face of protests and a widening outbreak. Health experts and residents worry that China's statistics do not reflect the actual number of fatalities, and that the country's fragile health system is being overwhelmed.