Video shows anti-drag Texas lawmaker wearing black dress, red carnival mask

A recently surfaced video appears to show the author of an anti-drag bill in Texas skipping through a park while wearing a black dress and a red carnival mask, as the song “Sexy Lady” by Javi Mula plays in the background.

Texas state Rep. Nate Schatzline, a Republican from Fort Worth, is “a proud Christian, and a devoted husband and father of two boys,” according to his website.

Earlier this year, Schatzline introduced legislation seeking to restrict drag performances in the state — one of three bills filed by Republicans targeting drag shows, according to local television station KVUE.

House Bill 1266 would amend the Business and Commerce Code to classify “drag performance” as a “sexually oriented business.”

“With HB 1266, Texas children will be prevented from being exposed to overly sexual content that will rob them of their innocence for the sake of furthering radical ideologies,” he said early last month.

According to the bill, “drag performance” is defined as a “performance in which a performer exhibits a gender identity that is different than the performer’s gender assigned at birth using clothing, makeup or other physical markers, and sings, lip syncs, dances or otherwise performs before an audience for entertainment.”

On Monday, the editor of a Texas blog named Living Blue in Texas shared a 90-second video that appears to show Schatzline doing just that.

“Nate Schatzline has made his entire personality attacking the LGBTQ community, especially trans children, and vowed to ban drag shows in Texas,” the tweet reads. “Yet, here he is... in drag.”

Schatzline, a first-term state representative, later confirmed that it was him in the video when he responded to the tweet, saying he was wearing the dress “as a joke back in school for a theatre project.”

“Y’all really going crazy over me wearing a dress?” he asked.

His defense came after several comments pointed out his apparent double standard.

“Drag is OK if Nate does it for a show... but for everyone else who does drag — Nate calls them groomers and pedos,” Twitter user @RoninWarrior011 wrote. “What a damn hypocrite.”