Video shows moment before car meet crash that killed 2

An adult and a teen have died from the crash at a car meet along the U.S. 290 feeder road.

Video Transcript



- Oh! Whoa!



- Oh! Whoa! Whoa!

- Helicopters landed in the middle of the feeder along 290. And it was a race to save two teens. EMTs strapped both into stretchers. And overnight, one of them died at the hospital, which now means two people were killed when the driver of this yellow Chevy Camaro sped down the road going more than 100 miles per hour according to authorities.

- Pretty messed up, honestly, it's sad to see.

- Driving that yellow car was 22-year-old Andrew Mock, charged with manslaughter. Investigators say Mock hit this black Chevy Malibu. And it was the Malibu that hit the three people standing along the side of the road watching. Authorities don't believe the cars were racing. The driver and passenger in the Malibu were not seriously hurt. Neither was [? Mock's ?] passenger. Hunter Smith says he saw the whole thing.

HUNTER SMITH: I was just out here as a YouTuber kind of trying to grow my channel.

- Smith goes to a lot of car meet-ups around town and claims he talked to the driver of the yellow Chevy minutes before the crash.

HUNTER SMITH: He came over and said, hey, you know, I'm going to do a burn out real quick and then I'm going to do a flyby afterwards.

- A flyby, when you drive past people going extremely fast. Reckless, says Sean Teare with the DA's office and now deadly.

SEAN TEARE: These individuals that are deceased or in grave condition were here voluntarily to watch these type of actions with cars. But it doesn't mean that they needed to die.

- Teare says it appears there were off duty police officers at the meetup. It was supposed to end at 9:00 PM. Around 9:30, this happened. And now Teare is tracking down any and all social media videos showing how it went down.

SEAN TEARE: If you're posting it online, we're going to come find it.