Video shows NJ officer rescuing elderly woman from burning home

A police officer in South Jersey is being hailed as a hero for pulling an elderly woman out of an apartment that caught fire over the weekend.

Video Transcript

SARA BLOOMQUIST: The big story on Action News tonight is a Winslow township police officer credited with saving a woman, her dog, and her parrot from a fire last night. The officer was on patrol when he spotted the flames and jumped into action. The entire rescue was captured on body cam. Action News reporter Trish Hartman is live now at the scene with the full story. Trish.

TRISH HARTMAN: Well Sara, we just got an update that 67-year-old woman is in stable condition this evening. Winslow township police released dramatic body cam footage of the rescue from last night an officer on patrol came across the fire and then rescued a woman inside. Body cam video shows a Winslow township patrolman opening an apartment door. He's met with heavy smoke inside, then he drags a woman out of the apartment and starts first aid.

- Are you OK?

TRISH HARTMAN: It happened last night around 9:00 PM, when patrolman Jarel Ferren was on duty in Sicklerville. He saw flames coming from a ground floor apartment in the Edgewood Acres apartment complex. He immediately called the fire department and went inside. He dragged her out of the smoky apartment and other officers evacuated the other apartments in the building.

- The whole things about to catch on fire.

- Get out of your house.

TRISH HARTMAN: The victim was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation and burns. The victim's dog and parrot were also rescued. Police say the fire was contained to one apartment and residents were able to return to their homes.

THERESA BOGGS: I looked out my door and I saw the fire trucks and everything like that. And then next thing we heard we heard the cops banging on door, Told us to evacuate.

TRISH HARTMAN: Neighbors tell us someone else in the complex took in the parrot, making sure it had somewhere to stay,

BILLY BARTON: Neighbors were all really well. They all chipped in and helped each other out really good.

TRISH HARTMAN: Now Patrolman Ferren was taken to the hospital to be checked out for smoke inhalation. According to the police chief, Patrolman Ferren, once he was released and came back to work and finished his shift. Now the cause of the fire is still under investigation. The police officers that helped make that rescue are just coming into work now. We are going to talk to them and you'll hear more from them coming up on Action News tonight at 11:00. Reporting live in Winslow township, New Jersey, Trish Hartman, Channel Six Action News.