Video shows NYPD officer in Manhattan punching man in the head during subway station arrest

Thomas Tracy, Rocco Parascandola and John Annese, New York Daily News
·2 min read

An NYPD officer is shown repeatedly punching a man in the head as three others cops hold the suspect down in a video posted on the internet Thursday.

Information accompanying the video — posted by a YouTube user called “NYPD Exposed / Copwatch Patrol Unit - CPU,” says the incident took place Wednesday in the Whitehall St. subway station in Manhattan’s Financial District.

Four officers can be seen holding down a disheveled, balding man in a tan overcoat and striped pants while one of them unleashes a flurry of eight punches to his head, followed by two more.

“Give me your hand!” one officer bellowed as the man reached for the leg of the officer hitting him.

After delivering the barrage of punches, the officer on top of him repeats, ”Give me your hand!”

One of the officer says, “Roll over and give us your hand now,” and they force the man onto his side. They hold him down for almost a minute as they cuff him from behind.

“Give me your hand, motherf-----! Don’t reach for me!” an officer yells.

After the man is handcuffed, the officers ease off him. Two officers with police dogs watch from several feet away.

“Don’t get up,” one of the officers tells him, and he responds, “I’m handcuffed, man. Get me the f--- off this floor.” The cops then get him to his feet and lead him to a door leading into the subway station.

The NYPD did not immediately respond to questions seeking comment about the incident, and it’s not clear why the man was being arrested.

The video also doesn’t show the moments leading up to the punches.

The video spread on social media Thursday, with police critics calling it a clear-cut case of police brutality.

“CW: police brutality,” wrote the Twitter account @protest_nyc, which regularly posts updates on Black Lives Matter demonstrations. “A video circulating on social appears to show multiple NYPD arresting + assaulting an unhoused man at a subway station in Lower Manhattan yesterday.”