Video shows officers pepper-spraying 9-year-old

Police in Rochester have released two body-camera videos of officers restraining a distraught 9-year-old girl who was handcuffed and sprayed with what police called a chemical “irritant.” (Feb. 1)

Video Transcript

- Stop.

- I want my dad! I'm not--

- Stop!

- getting in no car until I see my dad!

- Stop for a second.

- I want my dad!

- Stand down.

- Oh, my God!

- Then get in the car!

- Get in the car!

- Help! Please help, someone!

- Ah

- No!

- You're acting like a child.

- I wanna g--

- Stop!

- I am a child! I got a bad--

- Just-- just spray her.

- You guys do not-- No, I haven't--

- Just spray her at this point.

- Stop! Stop!

- Stop it! You can just--


- Here we are.

- Here.

- Stop!



- I'm--

- I've got her. I've got her, yeah.

- I-- please wipe my eyes! Wipe my eyes, please!


- [SIGH] Unbelievable.

- Holy--