New video shows Patrick McDowell, accused of killing deputy, inching out of hiding to surrender

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Inching out of a concession stand on his stomach, Patrick Rene McDowell is seen in new video surrendering to authorities after a five-day manhunt in September.

The State Attorney's Office released the video to media Wednesday as part of a joint request by First Coast News, The Times-Union, News4Jax and Action News. There is no audio.

McDowell, 35, is accused of fatally shooting Nassau County Deputy Joshua Moyers in the face and the back during a traffic stop in Callahan on Sept. 23 shortly before midnight.

Moyers, 29, died a couple of days later.

McDowell was apprehended on Sept. 28 while hiding in a bathroom at the Higgenbotham Sports Complex.

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"We continued searching overnight and got leads on where he might be and where someone may pick him up," Sheriff Bill Leeper said during a news conference where he officially announced the arrest.


He said officers gathered at the ballpark in Callahan near the bathrooms and concession stand area. That's where they heard McDowell.

"He called out that he wanted to give himself up," Leeper said. "He came out of the bathroom and we had him get down on the ground and crawl. He crawled like a baby. Like the coward he is."

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office SWAT team shouted orders to McDowell, and a K-9 is seen attacking him while he was flat on the ground not fighting back. That portion has been taken out of the video due to its graphic nature.

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"He didn’t fully cooperate. They unleashed one of their dogs and it attacked him on the arm so they can get him in handcuffs," Leeper said.

"The handcuffs that were put on him were Deputy Moyers,'" Leeper said.

Once in custody, Leeper said they noticed McDowell was injured in the shootout with officers on Friday. The suspect was shot in the leg and had a head wound. They also removed his camouflaged short to search for a possible weapon.

This article originally appeared on Florida Times-Union: Nassau Deputy Joshua Moyers: Video shows murder suspect surrendering

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