Video shows police officer shooting driver who grabbed gun after car crash: ‘Why’d you reach for it kid?’

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A Nashville police officer shot a man after he allegedly reached for a gun at a car wreck.

In a statement on Twitter on 7 December, the Metro Nashville Police Department said Officer Byron Boelter shot Rod Reed, 20, in the leg after he allegedly saw him reaching for a gun on the car’s dashboard.

The incident occurred on 6 December when Mr Boelter, a school resource officer, finished his day at Hunters Lane High School.

He had just left the school for the day when he approached a two-car crash at Dickerson Pike.

“Officer Boelter stopped to assist those involved in the wreck when he encountered 20-year-old Rod Reed who reached for a gun located on the dashboard of the Chevrolet Camaro he was driving prior to the crash,” said the police in the description of the bodycam video posted on YouTube.

The bodycam footage showed Mr Boelter approaching Mr Reed’s car, as rescue officials assisted two people from the other car in the wreck.

“There’s no need to stop here, go ahead and go,” Mr Boelter is heard saying to Mr Reed through the passenger window of his car.

“Go ahead and go man,” said Mr Boelter as Mr Reed allegedly approached his car from the driver’s side and attempted to pick up a gun from the dashboard.

Mr Boelter is then seen firing at Mr Reed who started screaming and fell to the ground.

“Boelter fired his weapon and struck Reed in the leg,” the police statement said.

The video showed Mr Boelter subsequently calling for backup and telling dispatchers that he “had shots fired.” He is also heard asking Mr Reed, where he is hurt and asks him to put his hands up.

“It’s okay buddy. Where’s the gun at?”

As Mr Reed continued to scream in pain, Mr Boelter is heard saying, “Why’d you reach for it, kid?”

“I was trying to get out of the car sir,” Mr Reed responded.

Police said that a gun was recovered from his car and Mr Reed was taken to the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre. His condition is now stable.

In another statement on Twitter, the police added that Mr Reed “was wanted by the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) on federal gun & drug charges. He will be arrested upon his discharge from the hospital.”

Nashville police have shot nine people in 2021, of which 5 have died, reported the Tennessean. Police say that in all cases the people involved either shot at officers or pointed guns or other weapons.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigations is probing all officer-involved shootings.

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