Video shows Russia’s Ivan Khurs ship attacked by drone

The attack on the Russian warship was successful
The attack on the Russian warship was successful

The Russian Defense Ministry had claimed the attack was “unsuccessful” and all three drones were intercepted, but the footage shows that at least one drone hit the target.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet’s Ivan Khurs reconnaissance ship was reportedly attacked by three unidentified “sea drones” 74 kilometers north of the Bosporus Strait early on May 24, the Defense Express newspaper reported, referencing Russian propaganda outlets.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed this attack, claiming that the UAVs had been “destroyed” 140 km northeast of the Bosporus Strait, where the ship was allegedly “guarding” the Turkish Stream and Blue Stream gas pipelines (in Turkey’s economic zone).

The Russian agency also showed a footage of the attack on one of the boats and blamed Ukraine for the attack. Ukraine declined to comment on this information.

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