Video: Tom Messner is watching for more mountain snow Thursday. 4.21.21

Much warmer by the weekend

Video Transcript

- Now, NBC5, First Morning Weather, with Chief Meteorologist, Tom Messner.

- Well, as predicted, we did get the snow. Does that mean you took out your snow pants?

TOM MESSNER: No. I did not do that. I refused to do that. But I will tell you, I looked out the window at one point this morning and it was really coming down. And I'm like, Oh boy, I'm going to hear it on TV.

- But, short-term stuff.

TOM MESSNER: Yeah. Well, yeah. I mean, it kind of, you know we had bursts out there for a while. This has not been a blockbuster by any stretch, but it's just all about the calendar. Let's be honest.

Walden, four inches so far. Almost four inches, Chazy. St. Albans, not far from four inches either.

Moira, northern New York, three inches. A little bit less in Milton so far. We're going to add to this.

So we continue to see snow out there. The back edge of this go-round is in sight. In fact, the snow is much lighter in Plattsburgh than it was. And we're not seeing any snow in a lot of the Northwestern Adirondacks now. But that is one area where this is certainly going to change.

Up in Orleans County it is snowing at a decent rate. Down toward St. Montpelier, Derby, we're looking at snow. Randolph, a little bit right along the interstate.

I still don't think that much is sticking, but I do want to give you a heads up. Because as temperatures go down tonight, some of this is going to freeze. So do be aware of that.

Look at the difference as you come on down into southern Vermont, southern New Hampshire, where we had some pretty decent thunderstorms a little bit earlier. Not much going on there at all right now. So the steady snow is going to move to the East.

But hang on a second. We're expecting snow showers. And it is going to be breezy for the upcoming day on Thursday. Still accumulating snow in the northern mountains. But here, this is good. It's going to be a lot warmer around here by the weekend.

31, right in the Champlain Valley. 35 degrees, that's Lebanon. And Rutland right now is at 30 degrees.

So if you take a closer look at what's going on, yeah, we've got 20 sprinkled in, in a bunch of places in northern New York. And Waitsfield at 27 as well. Remain warmer down to the South for a while today. And really that continues to be the case, where Keane right now is at 43.

So temperatures, they're simply not going to drop that much over the next 12 hours. Right in the Champlain Valley, thinking a low 29, 30 and that should about do it. Now, here's the story with tomorrow. We're going to go back into the 40s. It's going to be a cloudy day. Best chance for a couple of snow showers first thing in the morning.

But I think one thing you're going to notice, look at the Northwest winds. These are sustained winds in the teens. So even though it's going to be 40, 44, 45 even, it's going to feel a lot colder than that.

All right, so things wind down, at least it looks that way for a while tonight. But hang on, low pressure. It's very strong. We've got a brisk northwesterly flow tomorrow. So the northern Adirondacks, and also the Green Mountains, especially the northern Green Mountains, continuing to see some accumulating snow at least during the first half of the day.

Later in the day, just pretty cloudy out there, still breezy. Then we get you into Friday, which by the way, while there will be a bit of a wind, it's going to be nice. We see sunshine and it's going to be quite a bit warmer.

So the forecast for tonight. The snow is going to taper to snow showers, happens from the West to the East. It'll take a while in places up in the Northeast Kingdom say, and even down toward the Connecticut Valley.

29 for a low in Burlington. 26 degrees, that is Lebanon. Keep in mind we've got that winter weather advisory right along the northern tier, as you get into some elevation, where I think we may find a few more inches.

When you add it all up, I think we're talking about three to six inches or so. Tomorrow, mostly cloudy, breezy. Maybe a few morning snow showers right in the Champlain Valley will top out in the mid-40s. But in the mountains, I think the snow is going to hang on a little bit longer, especially in the northern mountains.

45, tomorrow. 55 on Friday. 65, Saturday. Now we're talking.

Now we do dip on Sunday. It's going to rain that day. The wetter of the two weekend days. Increasing sun on Monday. And then look at Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, temperatures approaching 70.