Video: Yes, you can play Fallout 2 on the iPad Air 2… as long as you install Windows 98 first

Chris Smith

You’d be surprised what can be done with the iPad Air 2 — or at least, with a jailbroken version of the tablet. In fact, one Reddit user took it upon himself to play Fallout 2 and other games on Apple’s latest iPad… but only after installing Windows 98 on the device.

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Reddit user 8bitsince86 posted a video showing this impressive achievement, in which you can see Windows 98 booting up and Fallout 2 starting. Windows 98 doesn’t appear to be completely optimized for the iPad Air 2 of course, but the old operating system can certainly run on Apple’s best tablet yet.

Users interested in copying this trick must first jailbreak their iPad Air 2, but only if  they’re able to do so. Apple has patched existing jailbreaks with its iOS 8.1.3 release and has stopped signing iOS 8.1.2, which makes it almost impossible for iOS users to roll back to iOS 8.1.2.

Once jailbreaking is done, users will need to get DOSPAD installed on the device by following the instructions available at the source link. The video showing this iPad Air 2 running Windows 98 follows below.

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