Emily in Paris at PaleyFest Fall TV Previews 2020

Presented by Citi. Stars and creator of Netflix's Emily in Paris (Darren Star, Lily Collins, Ashley Park, and Lucas Bravo) gather with moderator Jessica Radloff at PaleyFest Fall TV Previews 2020 to celebrate their show. Topics include: if the show bears resemblances to Star's past TV successes like "Sex and the City," "Younger," and "Beverly Hills 90210"; why casting is the scariest part of a production for Star; Collins' determination to not make Emily into a knock-off of "Sex and the City" heroine Carrie Bradshaw; predictions that the show will make Bravo into an overnight star and heartthrob; how art imitated life for Collins and Park during filming; how costume designer Patricia Field's input compares to her work on "Sex and the City"; and what fuels Star's ability to write iconic female characters.

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LILY COLLINS: Emily moves to a foreign city, a foreign country, meets new people, goes for new job. And she has to pivot so many times, but in her journey, and in her adventure she doesn't have to change who she is in order to be successful, to be loved, to have an amazing time, and to ultimately find herself. So you can stay true to who you are and still have all those adventures. And that's, that's what I loved about her. And she's taught me so much about that myself.

EMILY COOPER: Oh my god, I feel like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge.


I'm Emily. Emily Cooper.


(SINGING) I turn it up another notch. I rock it loud and make it hot.

- How did you get so lucky to move to Paris?

EMILY COOPER: Oh, I work for a big marketing firm. I'm kind of the American point of view.

- And how do they feel about that?


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EMILY COOPER: It's a beautiful day in Paris.

- You, bold woman, unafraid to take on the. World

EMILY COOPER: This city is filled with love, and beauty, and passion. so many possibilities. [MUSIC - KOYOTIE, "BEST LIFE"]

(SINGING) Livin my best life.

JESSICA RADLOFF: Bonjour everyone. Welcome to the Paleyfest fall TV previews. Je m'appelle Jessica Radloff. That's all I got, I'm sorry. I am the west coast editor at Glamour, and I am so delighted to be your host for this very special conversation celebrating the Netflix series "Emily in Paris." And thank you to the festival sponsor, Verizon and their official card, Citi, for helping to make this event possible. This program is presented by the Paley Center for Media, a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring excellence in television through education programs, great conversations with the stars, and storytellers of critically acclaimed series, like the one we are about to celebrate today, and the preservation of television's creative legacy through the Paley Archive. To learn more and to become a member, please visit paleycenter.org.

Now, I am so delighted to welcome the gifted, and gorgeous cast, and creative team of Netflix's "Emily in Paris." I'm so excited in fact, I have a croissant with me right now. [LAUGHTER] Went out and bought one today. Anyway, first the genius himself. Creator and executive producer Darren Star. I missed the audience so I'm clapping here.

DARREN STAR: Hello, hello. [CHEER]

JESSICA RADLOFF: Next, we have the luminous, Emily herself. Please welcome producer and star, Lily Collins. [CHEERS] Next, we have THE super talented Ashley Park who plays Mindy. [CHEER] And finally, I think he has the best name ever. I mean, it's just perfect for a television show. He's also going to be your next TV crush. Please welcome Lucas Bravo, who plays Gabrielle. [CHEERS] And did I say that right, Lucas?


JESSICA RADLOFF: Lucas, I mean, it's just a perfect name.

LUCAS BRAVO: You can say "Luca," you can say Lucas. It's actually not such a perfect name when you live in France. It's a lot of jokes when you're in school. But it's actually the first time someone tells me, that so thank you.

JESSICA RADLOFF: Oh you're very welcome.

DARREN STAR: You just prefer bravo. Bravo! Bravo!

JESSICA RADLOFF: I love that. Well I love this series so much. I've watched all of it, it's going to be so hard for me not to talk about everything that happens, because of course the audience hasn't, hasn't seen it yet. But I kind of compare it to the September issue of a fashion magazine in that there is just so much to get to and to look at. It's just every scene is such a treat. From the fashion to the acting, to the writing, everything. I love it so much. Darren I want to start with you. You said that "Emily in Paris" was inspired by your own love affair with Paris, and the French culture. So tell us more about where that inspiration started. And when did you get the idea to do a TV series about a young American going abroad?

DARREN STAR: You know I've always spent a lot of time traveling you know, since I was in college. I did the Euro Pass tour of Europe. And I really, from that moment, I sort of got stuck on Paris. And I would go back whenever I could, I just really loved the city. I just loved hanging out there. And so I'd always been thinking about how to sort of, like, give viewers that experience, and share that. And also, I hadn't seen a show where you have an American going overseas to really live and have an experience. And because I was somewhat familiar with Paris, I thought I would, and I personally wanted the experience of living and working in there myself, but this would be a good way to do it. And to just to explore what it would be like to sort of have, feel that. You know, and sort of, have an audience have that vicarious experience with this character.

JESSICA RADLOFF: Well you could not have picked a better time, since none of us can travel. It's literally like going on a vacation every episode.

DARREN STAR: Badly, not the idea. But I hope we all get together really soon.

JESSICA RADLOFF: I'm sure you will. Lily talk to me a little bit about your first meeting with Darren. And what did you think about the character? What did you love about Emily, and what do you remember just meeting Darren for that first time?

LILY COLLINS: Well, when this pilot-- and it was the combination of the first two episodes, was written as a pilot. When it was sent to me, and I read it, and I had Darren's name attached to it, it was already this like goal post of mine to kind of have a shot. Like, I was like, anything I can do to have a shot at this. And ironically, I had been at an event with Darren, a charity event. What was it, like six or seven years ago? And didn't really have the courage to go up to him and express my gratitude for his work and how much I admired him. And I thought, oh my God like, if I get the chance to one day have a conversation with Darren, I want to say all of this. And then I got this script and Darren wanted to meet.

And so I remember sitting in that room with you going, I actually didn't have the guts to come up to you two years ago and like it was such one of those moments, where you just you just never know how life's going to, you know, come back around. And for me, the magic that Darren show shows, bring to screen. And kind of that wish fulfillment, and the women, and all of the stories that, you know, I grew up watching that Darren's created. This was a new one, where there was this character, who doesn't have this cliche transformation when she goes to Paris. It's not like you have this transformation scene where she goes from being Emily to being this new Parisian version in order to be embraced.

She stays who she is, and goes through these new experiences, and grow as a young woman. And she, she's in on the joke a lot of the time. And she's enthusiastic, and passionate, and work driven. And just loves life, and sees the positive side of people. And that's something that I feel like we all need more of in our lives. And, and embracing the idea that you don't have to change to be embraced. You can be yourself and allow others to influence you. And you can learn from others, and teach people things yourself. But you don't need to change who you are in order to be accepted. And I really loved that idea.

And also just, what a, what a dream team. What a dream team to be a part of, and have a shot. So I remember just, kind of, being like, oh my God, please. Just say yes.

JESSICA RADLOFF: Darren, this cast is so magical. I mean everybody fits together like the perfect puzzle piece. So how did you know that, that Lily was the right Emily? And that Ashley was the right Mindy, and Bravo-- Mr. Bravo was the right Gabrielle? How did, how did you know that this was such a magic cast? Because you have quite the track record when it comes to casting amazing people together.

DARREN STAR: I mean, casting is so important, because it just informs the show. I mean, you know, the show it's like kind of just alchemy. And you've got you just really have to get it right. And it's, for me it's kind of always the scariest part. Because you write something but then you can imagine what it's going to be, but it's never-- it's not coming to life until you find the actors who really are gonna embody those roles. But more than just embody those roles, I feel like a TV series starts with a pilot. But it then develops from there. And a big part of it is development. It's growth, it's who are the actors playing those roles.

So it's not meeting with Lily and just thinking, wow Lily can just play that. Do the pilot. It's sort of like, who is Lily? And just when you hear her speak, she just, she, she inspires me. You know, there's, there's just so much joy, and intelligence, and grit, and everything In who Lily is. So it's like, I love to take part of her personality. And kind of, you know, wed it to the character. And that sort of also-- the qualities I wanted Emily to have. So I think those are-- with actors I think, you know in the long term with a TV series, you want to be able to sort of tap into parts of who they are naturally. And Ashley, I'd seen her in "Mean Girls" twice. I loved her, she just like, destroyed me. She was just amazing. So when name came--

ASHLEY PARK: I'm wearing pink today.

DARREN STAR: Wow! I would love, I would just, I knew how talented she was. And then you know, Mindy wasn't-- you know, Mindy sings on the show. And that wasn't part of the character. But I mean with Ashley, you know. It's like we wanted to basically, you know, I wanted to, you know, selfishly hear her sing on the show. And make that, and sort of make that part of the character. And Lucas I put through the ringer for months. Because I came to Paris, and I hadn't met any of the actors that we cast in Paris. And so I got there, so I'd seen what he read on tape, and he was fantastic. And then, you know, he read about half a dozen times after that. He'd go hiking, and I-- where were you?

LUCAS BRAVO: In Corsica, yes.

DARREN STAR: In Corsica, I'd call him like, come back one more time. I made him work for it, but I was like--

LILY COLLINS: like, I just made goat's cheese with a shepherd up in the hills. I was like [LAUGHTER]

DARREN STAR: Then it was like, finally I had Lily in Paris. I had Lily in Paris, so I was finally able to kind of, put the two of them together, in a room and see them read together. And once I saw that, it was like, you know, I think we all got really excited. And knew that it was just like, the chemistry was there.

LUCAS BRAVO: I actually cannot believe when I left that room, I-- I stopped for a second and I just realized I, I, I've been talking about goat cheese for 30 minutes. And I felt terrible. I was like, just go home now and sleep it off, because this is over.

LILY COLLINS: Gabrielle would do that exactly. As a chef, Gabrielle would do that. I remember I saw Ashley right after that reading. I went downstairs because I was going to read with Ashley to prep for the next day. Cause I think it, we started the next day or something. I had this long speech that I was going over with Ashley. And I walked out, and I was like, I just learned so much about goat cheese. I think [INAUDIBLE] it's [INAUDIBLE] found him. I'm like, now I know about goat's cheese. And she was just like, explain.

ASHLEY PARK: What? I know.

LILY COLLINS: [INAUDIBLE] you were like talking about it. And I was like yeah, it was just such a chef thing to talk about.

DARREN STAR: We all wanted to go to Corsica and make goat cheese.


LUCAS BRAVO: I'll take you there, I'll take you there guys.

JESSICA RADLOFF: Oh see, now I'm getting hungry. I'm gonna have to have the croissant any second now. Darren, how would you describe the series? Everybody keeps asking me, because I keep raving about it having seen it all. I kind of say a little bit of "Sex and the City" a little bit a bit of "Younger." how? Would you describe it based on your past shows?

DARREN STAR: Well, first I would say it's it's own animal. I mean, every show is it's own separate creation. And I think that people when they haven't seen something, they like to say, it's like this or like, or it's like that. But I feel like it's-- I describe it as a show about like, you know, sort of this girl, this women who kind of like, discovers herself by moving abroad, and having that experience. And I don't think, I mean, there are elements of fashion and . glamour, and glamorizing a city. Looking at Paris through certainly a glamorous lens is something I've done before. With New York to a certain degree. In Los Angeles if you look at Beverly Hills, "90210." But, it's also because I see Paris that way. And I, you know, maybe I see it through those rose colored glasses.

JESSICA RADLOFF: It is so beautiful. I kind of half expected, at the end of every episode, to be a Chyron that said, sponsored by Paris. We all would be, all would be traveling there. This next question actually comes from the festival sponsor, Citi. And they want to know, what were some of the challenges of filming the show in Paris?

LILY COLLINS: I remember when it was fashion week. Do you guys remember when it was fashion week? And all these locations around the city were being used for shows. And it was flooded with people, obviously, for the shows. And so traffic was even worse. And then at the studio, where we were filming, right next door to us, and one of the stages one of the shows was actually going to take place there. So they were building their stage, and the models were doing their test walks, and the music was loud. And in the other stage, there we were. Emily's trying to plan a fashion week show. So it was life imitating art. And it was so weird, because Paris comes alive for many different reasons throughout the year. But fashion week is such a pivotal part of that. And there we are, filming a show that deals in fashion, and luxury items, and publicity, and social networking. And all these things and like, currently we're watching all of it happen in real time. And it was so interesting because certain locations were blocked off and then like, road closures. So it's really like, one of those meta moments. Where you're going like, oh my God, this is perfect timing! And then we we are also busy, so none of us could actually go to any events. Which was like-- actually Ashley, you got to go which was incredible. I was so--

ASHLEY PARK: ya, the Paris fashion week stuff in the show, just like makes up for not going to the real thing. But I will also say like me and Lily have talked about this a lot, too. What I thought was going to be a challenge, that wasn't at all, was our entire crew was French. Everybody on the crew. Except for our writing team, right? And especially me and Lily, as two Americans, it was all very meta. Like I will say "Emily in Paris" is a very genuine show. Because I was living it in real time. It was my first time ever in Paris

LILY COLLINS: Really Emily, let's be real. You really felt like Emily half the time. You're like, that's the Eiffel Tower. And I was like I know

ASHLEY PARK: And you were really Mindy, because half the time you'd be doing these scenes where Emily's like venting to Mindy. And like off camera, I'd be like, but like, Lily help me with this. Like, what's happening right now? But the crew, you know they were just the loveliest, loveliest people. Led by, you know when, I think all of them were-- you know, Darren is a global empire. Darren Star, you know. And so it's so fun to hear the French crew being like, we're working with Darren Star. But that's not a French accent, I'm sorry Lucas. But what was amazing about it too, and so the only time I felt a little bit like, oh my God, was our camera test. I remember, do you ever just like, they said, I think the first AD is like, we did some shots. And then they're like OK, say coupe. And I was like, does that mean cut? Like I haven't heard that since ballet class, to cut, like cupe. And I was like, are you going to be saying everything in French? Because I'm not going to know when to stop acting. Or I don't know what's happening. But they did speak English, it's fine.

JESSICA RADLOFF: Wait, how fluent are you both in, in French now? Can you speak the language at all?

LILY COLLINS: I feel really bad because I actually grew up studying French. My little brothers are half Swiss. So I used to speak, and dream in French. Like I was pretty fluent, I would read in French. And then I stopped practicing because their English got pretty good, and I left school. And then, so I stopped practicing, and I thought oh I'll like get really good for the show. And then I get to Paris, and 24/7 I'm playing a character that does not understand the language, and is as American as I've ever felt. And so it felt really weird to disassociate from that, and then jump back in on a Monday. So I found that on the weekends, I just was kind of mute. Just like stop talking.

ASHLEY PARK: Didn't you start dreaming in French, Lily?

LILY COLLINS: I started dreaming in French, because the crew started like, embracing the fact that everything they said, I could easily understand. So they'd be talking and I'd be like, no it's OK. And they're like, oh my God, she understands.

DARREN STAR: They couldn't talk about her.

LILY COLLINS: Exactly. And then I just couldn't really, like get the courage to speak to them back. So one of them was like, OK so Guillaume kept saying, you know like, let's speak in French. I was like OK. And that night I started dreaming in it again. So if we're lucky enough to go back for a season two, now that I know who Emily is, I feel like I'm going to make such a more concerted effort, to like actually speak and go out there, and embrace it. It just was difficult like, venting about not being able to understand the language as Emily, and then switch into like, totally speaking French. And Lucas, you were great, because you were kind of like, no like let's talk some sometimes. I was like, oh I'm just so brain dead right now. I'm so tired.

ASHLEY PARK: It made us feel so too, because like Lucas, Samuel, like everybody spoke English. Like it was only me and Lily, we should have been speaking French to everybody else. But everybody just spoke English, to us.

LILY COLLINS: [INAUDIBLE] Like taking classes, we'll be like really adamant, because I feel like--

DARREN STAR: Yeah, our French cast speaks perfect English. I mean, Lucas, you speak English like you live in LA.


DARREN STAR: I'm very impressed, very impressed.

LUCAS BRAVO: Your French is pretty amazing as well. I remember we, we talked for 30 minutes after the at the end of the show.

LILY COLLINS: I have seventh grade French.

JESSICA RADLOFF: Go Darren. Do it.

ASHLEY PARK: Ya, say something.

LUCAS BRAVO: No, his French is amazing, let me tell you. And I wanted to switch back to English, and he was telling me no, no, no, no, we're, we're staying. We're speaking French right now. And I was, I was just amazed how good it was.

DARREN STAR: I was drunk that night, that's the only, that's the only time I start speaking it. After a few drinks.


LUCAS BRAVO: I took French for six years growing up. I'm sorry Madame Harris. I don't but season two. Lily, we're going to get really good, season two. I mean, knock on wood but.

DARREN STAR: the crew I was like the most unsure about, coming in. Because it was a French crew that I hadn't worked with before. But we have like a, the crew is amazing. just amazing. And they were, they got the got the work done so fast. They made it so effortless, and they had such great spirits. And our production designer [? Frances ?] [? Anne ?] [? Sybil ?] was from "Midnight in Paris" and you know, we really like had some-- I mean, they don't do as many TV series in France as we do in the States. So a lot of our crew was really from movies. And so the level of their work, and their artistry was just fantastic.

JESSICA RADLOFF: And I also read that the writers were actually writing the series while you all were living in Paris, to little to add a little bit of authenticity to it. Which I thought was so, I mean what a cool thing to be able to have that freedom, to kind of write as you go along. Is that is that true?

DARREN STAR: I wouldn't call it freedom I would call it more sort of like, you know, like racing towards a deadline. And writing about--

ASHLEY PARK: A pressure cooker.

DARREN STAR: It wasn't exactly freedom. But, I do feel like we had a lot of-- I had a number of scripts written, a number of ideas for story lines worked out. But I did want some of the writers that I worked with previously to come to Paris. To have the experience of being there before we wrote some scripts. Because I knew that it was going to inform their writing, and their experience. You know, some of these writers hadn't spent time in Paris. But I feel like by getting them there, they were sort of mirroring the experience of Emily. And sort of like finding the nuances and the reality of like, how do you really feeling like, not imagining it, but feeling like that fish out of water? So we did, we wrote down to the wire. But a lot of the stories had been, you know had been been planned. But the actual, a lot of the actual writing was done in Paris while we were there.


ASHLEY PARK: Sara, and Ali. They all lived, and Darren too. We all lived in apartments in the Marais. And so they were really living the experience full time. And like to have people who are on his younger staff, and you know, the alchemy of their writing team was just amazing.

LUCAS BRAVO: And also, also to have the opportunity to grow with the character while the writers discover who we are. And can adapt the character to our personality was pretty great.

DARREN STAR: The character of-- this character of the chef used to be handsome. And then when Lucas played [LAUGHTER] make some adjustments, you know.

JESSICA RADLOFF: I love that. You know, it was so funny, I was telling this to Lily the other week. But about a week before you guys started shooting in Paris, I was there. And I was staying at the Plaza Anthenne. And of course, the first thing when I walked into the lobby, I was like, this is where Carrie and Big filmed the series finale of "Sex and the City" and he chased her up the stairs. And I took all these photos, so then it was so cool-- I don't think it's a spoiler to say that when I was watching "Emily in Paris" you also filmed at the Plaza Anthenne. And Lily was saying that she feels like Emily was inspired by Carrie, when it comes to her fashion, when it comes to just her confidence, and her attitude. So what other kinds of Easter eggs are in "Emily in Paris" that "Sex and the City" fans, specifically will really get excited about.

LILY COLLINS: Darren, I want to say what, what I mean when I say that is-- because we would really made a big effort to kind of say, we don't want Emily to be the next Carrie, because Carrie is Carrie. We want Emily to be Emily. We want her to be her own, her own person. But I do feel that Emily is someone, like myself, who grew up watching "Sex and the City," she watched all those shows and movies that I love. She reads the fashion magazines that we read. And she's so inspired by these characters in her life that she's had posters up on the wall. That she has always dreamed, OK when I go there, what would they do? And what would they do? And like, as a young woman I have those icons myself. So it's something that I feel is so relatable in Emily, in that Carrie Bradshaw was probably one of those people that she loved growing up. And there is that element of what would Carrie do? But at the same time, it doesn't dictate who we see Emily as. Emily is very much, Emily. So I just, I want to make clear that like, I never wanted her to be a second version of someone. Because Sarah Jessica Parker is to me like, every [INAUDIBLE]

DARREN STAR: It's two different characters. But you know, I think that Lily is saying, it's like, her character would have watched "Sex and the City." had that in her head, and that influence. And would have gone to Plaza Anthenne. And I remember that episode.

JESSICA RADLOFF: By the way, extra points whoever put in the Ralph's restaurant. The burger. I was like, oh my God. Because I've been there, and that burger is the best burger I've ever had in my life. And I was like, are they in my head writing the show? Like there's so many good things about this.

ASHLEY PARK: Didn't we go to brunch there? like try it out beforehand, or something?

DARREN STAR: What's that?

ASHLEY PARK: Didn't we go to brunch at Ralph's?

DARREN STAR: Yes, we all went to brunch there.

ASHLEY PARK: Yeah, we had the burgers? Yeah.

JESSICA RADLOFF: Except for Lily. I know Lily doesn't eat meat.

JESSICA RADLOFF: There is that.

DARREN STAR: She had dessert, she had dessert though. I remember that.

LILY COLLINS: I did have the dessert. We have photos to prove it, I know.

ASHLEY PARK: I might have force fed you a bite of the burger, though. Maybe?

LILY COLLINS: I think you were like it's so good you can't not to

ASHLEY PARK: I force fed you a lot over-- I was like, in terms of like, I made you have an espresso for the first time, too. And I'm like

LILY COLLINS: I'm going to be wired. And you're like, girl. And then every day after I literally had coffee, I was like oh shoot.

JESSICA RADLOFF: I love that. By the way, I know viewers got to see a little teaser trailer before our panel started today. And obviously Lucas, we don't get to see a lot of you in that teaser trailer. Or, or Ashley either. And I cannot wait for everybody to get to see your story lines. But I feel like Lucas you, your life is going to change overnight. Because fans will fall in love with Gabrielle. And I think part of that reason is because he truly respects and looks out for Emily, and is in a place where it's easy to be taken advantage. It's easy to not feel comfortable. So talk about why you think fans will love that character so much? And did you have any input with Darren about crafting who this, who this guy would be? Because he really does at times feel like God he is the perfect guy, where can I find that.

LUCAS BRAVO: Well we jumped into production, one week before we started. So basically, it was kind of challenging. Because my first day on set, I, I, I met Gabrielle kind of. I had my ideas and input, but I grew with him. And I just I just felt like he was this, he's conflicted in his heart. And he doesn't want anybody to help him to achieve his goals. He wouldn't have it any other way. And he sees that in Emily. And so I think he's deeply touched by the fact that she wants to do. She wants to bring her point of view. And she doesn't want to be, just to become a Parisian. She wants to show, and don't change. And I think it is just so-- he wants her to have a good time. He wants all the people to see what he sees, because not everybody sees it in the beginning, because, you know, because of the cultural nuances. And I think it's just the French boy you want to meet if you go abroad, and have trouble navigating those nuances, you know?

JESSICA RADLOFF: Is that what is that how you intended him to be, Darren? Yeah, I mean, I think he, he took what was there and just blew it up, in my opinion. I feel like it was-- I think the character, again, you know you have an actor. And you have you know for me, it's Lucas. And you see who he is, and sort of like, you know he, has so much heart. Also and it's like you sort of want to write to that. And kind of also create some there's some, there's just like, there's such great chemistry between Emily and Gabrielle.

And I think that as writers, when we see that, that's the nice thing about writing. Is sometimes, not having everything written, we see the chemistry and we can write towards it. And also we wanted to make things complicated, not black and white. I think part of Emily's journey is seeing that, you know, relationships aren't black and white. And I think French have an attitude toward relationships that is slightly different than American attitudes towards relationships. I think that's part of what Emily, it's part of her journey of discovery. You know and I think her heart is, her passions opened up a lot. Her, you know, from her life in Chicago I think was was very kind of all planned out for her. I think which comes to Paris, a lot of who she thinks she was, and what her life is about kind of expands.

ASHLEY PARK: What I want to say also, what I loved about the, like Lucas's work in this, and a lot of the French actors is, as someone, as an American coming over with ideas of certain tropes, and that we have about friendship. Like what the French guy is like, what a French boss would be like, all of that stuff. It was, because also the show's really divided into three worlds, right? Like Emily's our through line in every scene, and then it's her journey with-- she's got her apartment, love kind of stuff with Gabrielle. And everything in her workplace stuff. And then she's got Mindy's stuff. And so for me, my feeling is very separate, so it was such a joy to get to watch the series for the first time, and see what everyone else was up to. Really. Well what I loved about seeing these-- you know because we get to see each other's work at table reads, and also I would crash the set all the time, and come watch other people--


LUCAS BRAVO: I just have, in every scene, a picture of you in the side cafe having a glass of white wine while we're shooting.

ASHLEY PARK: I think I was accidentally an extra, and I'm still waiting for the check. But the French actors brought such humanity to every role. There was just really no stereotype. They had such layering. Yes Lucas was such like, a perfect French guy in some ways. But exactly what Darren was saying like, Darren and the team did such an amazing job of giving all the characters room to make them as human as possible, but also give us all guidance. And the French people, I just love what they all did with their characters.

LILY COLLINS: I think Phillippine did the same thing you know, for the boss role. Is that, I remember multiple conversations you, Darren, and her had. Where it was like, there would be the stereotypical response from her, but then there's got to be this depth to her where she sees so much of Emily in herself. But at the same time, she wants to be hard on her, but she's not just the like, mean boss. She's doing it for a very specific reason because of what she believes. And what she believes is based in her past, her history and, wanting it to be this like, relationship where so much is also said in the unspoken. So it's an all lot of like, awkward silences, and in a lot of looks.

I've never played a character where so much of Emily-- and this is part of what I feel like I decided to bring, and a lot of us brought to our characters, is so much of it is in like her looks. Like the facial expressions. And like she's more obvious than most people, Emily is specifically. Because everything is seen on her face. But like, some characters are more subtle about it, and like the French are more subtle in it in the show, but there's still so much going on. And there's so much being said in a moment of like, cut backs to everyone's looks. And I think there's so much conversation in that. And I love that those moments were able to stay in the show and breathe with it, because that's real life. And I feel like everyone brought that to their own character.

ASHLEY PARK: Like Luc, I love that-- I forgot about the scene in the very first, in the pilot, where I think Bruno-- even their characters, Bruno and Samuel. Like, they have all these funny silly bits, and then he comes in he finds you at the cafe. And he kind of explains stuff to you, and you have that heart to heart in the very first episode. Just totally shows that the character you kind of pegged Bruno as right way. And you're like, oh, you're going to be getting heart from everybody. And you're going to be getting like thoughtfulness from every character, right away.

JESSICA RADLOFF: Yeah, we're gonna need to do another panel after people have had a chance to watch this series, because I want everyone to see the chemistry that even, you know, we see Emily and Sylvie have. Like it's so good, it's a fascinating relationship. It's not all about finding love in Paris. It's also the workplace environment. And really what it's like when, you know, you're a 20 something or 30 something going into an entirely new situation, and trying to prove yourself. Those dynamics are fascinating, and I'm afraid to say too much after that. But it is really good. Yeah, by the way, since I have a croissant in my hand. How much did you guys--

LUCAS BRAVO: Oh, you started eating it?

JESSICA RADLOFF: I started eating it! I don't mess around when it comes to food. So that's the question, is when you guys were filming at all these outdoor cafes, and especially because Gabrielle is a chef, how much were you eating on set? What was craft services like? And if it was anything less than just perfect, and the best buffet in the world, don't ruin my dreams please.

DARREN STAR: I could do that, because I feel like craft service on most sets in the States, is just like an endless buffet of junk food. There's so much. And it's almost like being on a cruise ship, being on a set. Because there's like a snack, every two hours, you know, being like kind of put out. And I think this French crew is like-- they don't, there's a few nuts at craft services. Like, people aren't hanging around craft services. There's coffee, and there's cigarettes, and there's a few little nuts. But then lunch is crazy.

LUCAS BRAVO: The chef was pretty creative. The desserts were just amazing. And you know, just, just lunch before getting back to set is never a good idea, because you want to keep your focus. And the desserts were just hard to say no to.

ASHLEY PARK: Some of those costumes were a little bit tight after dinner break.

DARREN STAR: And there's a French law that there has to be a bottle of wine available for anybody who wants it.

LILY COLLINS: very different. Very different. But I will say, one of the cool things was like, shooting at these amazing locations like Cafe du Flur, and some other locations we got to be at. Based on the timing of day, like if we were shooting more of a night shoot, and we started out late, our lunch break fell over a dinner period. And sometimes we wouldn't have, there wouldn't be places for our trailers, so we'd be like staying in a hotel room to do a switch out, or a change or whatever. And we had an hour-- like there's like an hour break, so we had the ability to actually go downstairs and like eat at Cafe du Flur for dinner if we wanted to. Or so it's like, actually being so immersed in the city, when we weren't at the studio. You can walk next door and get a coffee, you can go get a juice you can go-- I mean, the city is literally at your fingertips. I remember one day, our trailers were right next to like a market.

And I needed food for my apartment, so during the break, I like ate lunch and then I put a robe on and went to the market, did some shopping, came back. And like had gotten my groceries. And it's just so funny, because it was very much like life imitating art. And just it was so convenient, to be able to utilize the city not only for our own purposes, but then like, oh in two hours, we're going to shoot at Ralph's and like eat a burger in the scene. And then like, oh the kitchen's closed, but we can order something. You know it was like a real treat. And I remember the French crew even saying to me like, some of us were born in Paris, we live in Paris, we've never experienced Paris this way.

Because it's like, who gets to shut down a bridge, who gets to shut down this restaurant. For them, they were as wide eyed as us sometimes. And I loved seeing that, because it was like I felt so grateful, actually felt so grateful, Lucas felt so grateful, Darren you felt so grateful. But then like, every single person on our crew was also going like, my family's not going to believe I got to do this. And it was a really cool like, group camaraderie, family feeling of an experience. That I think that not only will the audience get to feel like, oh my God, it's like, that's what it felt like to shoot it. And I feel like it really translated in the experience to the audience of how it felt to be there. And not, that doesn't always happen. You know and that's a testament to how close we all were. Because to have that feeling on set, and see it, and feel the exact same way as an audience member, that's really rare I feel.

LUCAS BRAVO: You know, I lived in LA for a few years, and my friends were visiting. And I loved the fact that I could rediscover my own city through their eyes. And that perspective, the one we had during the show, was an entirely different experience. I, I, I discovered new places. I've been in Paris for 10 years and I discovered amazing places. And that, that's why we say that Paris is its own character, because honestly I felt it. I felt it. And it's amazing after 10 years to actually rediscover so many places, and so many possibilities.

JESSICA RADLOFF: Yeah there's no way--

ASHLEY PARK: Yeah, Lucas was really the Mindy in Paris. Like whenever we had any questions, you like didn't know, what to do he was like, I got you here. Let me bring a bottle of wine. The location, especially, you know with Gabrielle's restaurant. And outside of Emily's apartment, and the cafe. That, that the exterior was really truly all one little block. And it was just like magic every time we got to be on location there.

LUCAS BRAVO: I was just worried that people would thought we shot on a back lot. Perfect. No.



ASHLEY PARK: What was crazy, it was like restaurant scenes when they'd be doing that, the cafe would be open. And that's what they're saying, like if I wasn't busy, I would just go over there and be like, hanging out. Like it was truly like, so authentic. And some of the spots are so beautiful, Darren. And you're like, people are going to think we CGI'd this or whatever.

LILY COLLINS: It's like just like, took our faces and like put it in the back of a backdrop or something.

LUCAS BRAVO: It actually reminds me of when we shot in the Loire Valley. And in between two scenes, we were shooting next to a vineyard, and we actually went to a wine tasting in between two scenes. And I could, I can see, I can still picture everyone just, oh try this, I'll try this one. Oh good, thank you can I have-- just, just in cases, these cases of wine.

LILY COLLINS: Taking selfies by the pool, and being like oh my God, this is real life. And then be like, action and I'd walk down, do my scene and then they'd cut, I'd be like oh my God. You know it's like, it was so silly.

JESSICA RADLOFF: The French tourism board really needs to sponsor a season two. I mean, this is the best like commercial for going to Paris and, in France. I know, and just the way, Lucas, you say, what is it the lower Valley? Right? Is that how you say it?


LUCAS BRAVO: It's OK it's OK, it's a complicated word.

DARREN STAR: You pronounce it for us, Lucas.




LUCAS BRAVO: Yeah, It's not sexy.

JESSICA RADLOFF: Oh yes, yes it is. I can't let you all go without talking about the fashion. As much as we talk about Paris being another character in the show, the fashion is just exquisite. And the accessories. And I know Patricia Fields-- I think she's got a career ahead of her. She helped out on the series. As well as, I hope I'm saying this right. [? Marilyn Fatuci. ?]

LUCAS BRAVO: [? Fatuci. ?]

JESSICA RADLOFF: There, thank you.

LUCAS BRAVO: That's good.

JESSICA RADLOFF: That's good? Talk to me about the fashion, and why that was so essential to this series. And then also I want to hear from Lily, and Ashley, and Lucas. What was your favorite ensemble to wear, or accessory that you got to carry with you?

LILY COLLINS: I think, for me, one of my favorite looks, because it was also an iconic memory for me, was in the opera house. And getting to wear that outfit that was reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn, with the headpiece. But just the idea of wearing that, and feeling like I was genuinely going to the opera, and then closing the opera house down and shooting all night. And running up the steps and just like, basically going wild in the opera house felt like a total dream. And an item that specifically meant a lot to me, I think, and it's something that Patricia and I discussed-- is kind of like Carrie Bradshaw had the tutu.

And you kind of associate that with her in the poster, and in the trailer. You know the beginning part of the trailer and all that. It was her phone case that looks like a vintage camera, sometimes has around her neck, because that was actually Patricia's phone case in our first fitting. And she had it, and she was like, I kept saying I love that. You do? 'Cause I was thinking, maybe it's like her tutu. And I was like, oh my god, because she really takes her job seriously and loves photography. But she's also super modern and, young, and fun, and like social media is her thing. And she's really obvious, Emily's obvious, like wearing a big camera around her neck. That's like kind of chunky, but it says it all. That's Emily. And so in some scenes, you'll see the through line of like, you know, her phone case. And sometimes it's hanging, sometimes it's not. And when she holds it up, it's like, Emily takes her career seriously. It's not just another phone case. So that, to me, was like kind of a little bit of an Emilyism, that was an ode to to Carrie, in a sense, of having her own version of something. And that just felt that perfect balance of obvious, but also like, because Emily cares so much.

JESSICA RADLOFF: So wait, that actually was Patricia's phone case?

LILY COLLINS: Yeah, so she got another one made, but that was--

DARREN STAR: She told me-- she showed it to me at the very beginning. And like the tutu, where I was kind of like, really? I'm not sure. She's like, Believe me, it's-- go with it. When she showed me the phone case, and I was like, I'm not sure you want to see that all the time. And then it was like, there it was, and I loved it. But I think what's great about Patricia is-- I think whenever you see something that makes you like, a little uncomfortable, it's kind of good. You know, when you see, it when it doesn't look like something you've seen before. It kind of makes you feel, it makes something seem, just a little bit like, I'm not that, I'm not sure thing, is what Patricia is just genius at. Because she is sure. She get, she knows it before everybody else does. And that's what makes her a genius. She really is.

JESSICA RADLOFF: I love that. What about you Ashley?

ASHLEY PARK: In conjecture with what you were saying, you know, in terms of geniuses. Like first of all, coming from the Broadway and theater world mostly. For me costumes has always been one of my favorite parts of the stage experiences. Because like, for us, it really is when you kind of inform what your character is and who they are, and how their physical lives and everything. And in meeting an icon like Patricia, I like worship "Devil Wears Prada" and "Sex and the City" and all of that. I love fashion.

And in a very, you know I have found, (SARCASTICALLY) in my career, no. That geniuses, and icons like Darren and Patricia, are among the kindest, most humble, and really just, just, just the best kind of people to work with. And the most collaborative in a way that they're a pillar, but also a comfort. You know, and I think what was amazing about the experience with Patricia, was these fittings. I'm telling you, it was like Christmas! It rocked, you get all the stuff. But the thing is, it wasn't just like you're gonna do this, this, this. It was kind of like, OK, Here are the scenes that we have to dress for. Like what do you think would be here? What would you do, what do you think would be here? And what I love about it, And I think it's touched on with Emily so beautifully in this series, is that a lot of like the outfits. I can't wait to see little girls dress up as like Emily, Mindy, and Lucas with their little chef outfit. Like because, a lot of the pieces, they're not just designer stuff. It's not just exclusive luxury stuff. It's all, it's how she put it together. I mean, me and Lily were, the other day like, in her closet looking at different outfits. And we're like, we've learned so much from Patricia, on how to even just put a blouse together as this and all of a sudden it's like couture. You know?

JESSICA RADLOFF: You know, it's like, yeah, you can make it work.

ASHLEY PARK: Yeah and make it accessible to people. I think like one of my favorite-- I had so many favorite looks, but like, I remember Patricia coming up to me one day after a fitting. And I was in the van, and she's like Ashley, Ashley, come her, I have an idea, I have and idea. And it is like, we're going to take a little boy's suit. And we're going to cut you, like shoulders, you like halter, we're going to give you cleavage, and we're going to cut it up and it's going to be your suit. And I was like OK, what?

And then she bought this like nonexpensive you know like, boys, little boys suit. And had this tailor and Marilyn, they had their way with it. And all of a sudden, and I think it's in episode five. When me and Emily go all over the place, and it's like this completely like, tailored-- I've never seen a suit design like that ever. And where is it right now? I want it. But you know, but that came just from her, her mind. And how she, she used. I mean like, what is a more beautiful muse than Lily Collins? I literally like, Lily can I dress you, please? Anytime. Like, so easy, and so fun. So like the whole time, it was just so fun.

JESSICA RADLOFF: Lily even sweat pants, you and like a whole sweat suit outfit. You pull that off so brilliantly. [INAUDIBLE]

LILY COLLINS: Party on top, we're sweat pants below. Low

ASHLEY PARK: Where are your Birkenstocks?

JESSICA RADLOFF: I love that. Are you wearing birkenstocks?



LILY COLLINS: you can take whatever, but she's just, this is the world we're living in guys. It's comfort, and it's fashion, and it's accessible, and it's real.

JESSICA RADLOFF: And it's croissants.

ASHLEY PARK: Lucas and Darren have tuts on the bottom, right now. They're just not going to stand up.

LUCAS BRAVO: I'm naked, I'm naked.

DARREN STAR: It's a boxer shorts. I'm not standing up.

JESSICA RADLOFF: Wait, Lucas, what was your favorite thing that you got to wear on the shower or have with you?

LUCAS BRAVO: You know, pretty much everything. Because Patricia's and Marilyn's costumes are also a character in the show. And just as Ashley was saying just stepping into this big fitting room And-- having for the first time, someone telling you, just look around, see what you like, see what you feel good in. You know, usually it's more try to fit in this one, because we only have this one for you, and that's the size that we're going with. So there's so much to liberty as it's just, you feel free.

You feel and you know, you need to feel good in your clothes, too in terms of character. Because if you go on set and you don't feel good in what you're wearing, it's just a terrible experience. And so Marilyn and Patricia know that, and they made it-- just it was a fantastic experience. And they're the nicest person ever. The fittings were just so much fun. That they're you know, like everything's playing around, and jokes everywhere. And it's beautiful, and you know, when you've been such a fan of "Sex and the City" and all her work, just to have the possibility to work with her, it's just so grateful. I was so grateful the entire time.

ASHLEY PARK: And Lucas didn't you say-- and wasn't your favorite costume you shirtless, with the towel? I just feel like that's everyone's like a lot of people--

JESSICA RADLOFF: Look how bright red he is.


JESSICA RADLOFF: Oh, I love that! OK, so before we go, aside from wanting to move to Paris after this series, what do you hope viewers take away from it when they finish all 10 episodes?

DARREN STAR: I just say a love, a love of travel and adventure. And for those that haven't-- for those that haven't left the country, don't have a passport, to sort of like just do it. And, and take that chance. And have a foreign adventure. Doesn't have to be Paris, just anywhere.

LILY COLLINS: Part of the reason why I loved Emily so much is part of the reason why, what I'm about to say is that you, you don't have to change who you are as a person, in order to fit in, and to be embraced by others. If you come across a reserved person that's not quite sure of who you are, and they're trying to figure you out, or they judge you, give them time and stay true to who you are. Because ultimately, if you genuinely are who you are, and you love who you are, and you're open to new experiences and possibilities, and you're willing to embrace and learn things from other people, they will be just as willing to learn and embrace from you. And Emily, Emily moves to a foreign city, a foreign country, meets new people goes to a new job.

And she has to pivot so many times, but in her journey and in her adventure, she doesn't have to change who she is in order to be successful, to be loved, to have an amazing time. And to ultimately find herself. So you can stay true to what you are, and still have all those adventures. And that's what I've loved about her. And she's taught me so much about that myself, so I hope that that's something that people can take away.

LUCAS BRAVO: Yeah, I would definitely say that in terms of traveling, just to just encourage people to step out of their comfort zone. Because that's where the magic happens. That's where your creative brain is at its most effective. And that's, that's where your brain is just open to any possibilities. When you you're not in, before or in the future, no nostalgia or anxiety. You're just give yourself the opportunity to be lost, to get lost a little. And to not be sure about anything. And to meet new people, new energies, new ways of thinking. And that's, that's a gift I hope the show will provide. For people who are still you know a little scared, or need to be sure of. Sometimes, most of people don't like to be away from their family and friends, because if you haven't been traveling a lot when you were younger, it sounds like the world looks so scary. But it's not as scary as we find it to be. I mean, not right now. But in general.

ASHLEY PARK: I, to be honest not to get all woowoo for a second. But I think that, right now, I've been thinking a lot about friendship. And what that means right now, especially in this season. And this series, especially, you know, I met lifelong friends during this season. And I think what's so beautiful about Darren's work, and why it's been timeless for generations of women, and people growing up. Is I call it, I don't know if I ever told you this, Darren. But I refer to you as like the Sondheim of TV writing. And for anybody who doesn't know, Stephen Sondheim is like the most prolific Broadway composer ever, and a game changer. And that somehow, he creates characters, especially for women that have to explore these friendships.

And have flaws, and complexities, and relatability to the audiences, that help people grow up. And I think that, especially, this past week as people especially, preteens, teens, kids, college students. People in their 20s are supposed to be starting school again. And are going back to school at like, it makes me, it makes me very moved and sad to think of, especially a lot of college students, starting a semester. Where they're supposed to be meeting the friends they're going to have for life, and not being able to be with them, right? And so, what I'm so-- I just love the timing of when the show is being released. Because I feel like a lot of people, hopefully, can live vicariously through the friendships-- I've never seen a friendship like Mindy and Emily's before on screen, really. And between Gabrielle and Emily. And so many of these friendships. And I think that they're all very colorful, and they're all very genuine.

And I think that a lot of people can-- I hope a lot of people who are finding themselves, and discovering themselves, and growing into themselves, can kind of live through Emily's like journey. And her loves, and her failures, and her wins, at a time when they're not able to be with people their own age. You know? And I know for me, not to get too personal, but like the last time I was in quarantine, I was a cancer patient in high school. And before I ever had my first kiss, I was in a room by myself for a very long time. And I, I learned-- I watched "Pride and Prejudice," with Keira Knightley. And like Mr. Darcy, I was like that's romance, that's what a crush is, oh my God!

My first kiss was with Mr. Darcy in that movie. I feel like a lot of kids have their first whatever, at like Senior Prom, or welcome week of college. You know what I'm saying? And like, like when are you going to be able to go to a bar and pick somebody up right now? Don't do that right now. Don't go home with a stranger right now. Anybody. But, you know, but you get to live that through Emily. Because no one else is able to do that right now. So I'm excited for us to be able to be everyone's new best friends.

JESSICA RADLOFF: I The love that. That was so, that was so beautiful. That really, Ashley. And you're so right, I mean the show is just a dream to go on. At 10 episodes, sorry Darren it's not enough right now. That's what I said. As soon as it was over, my mom was like, when's season two coming?

DARREN STAR: Can't wait to do more.

JESSICA RADLOFF: Yeah, it's truly fantastic and Lily and Ashley, and Lucas, and the entire cast that's not here with us today. I mean you guys are all truly wonderful in this. You just come alive in this series. And Darren, you did it again. I mean--

DARREN STAR: With a lot of help from a lot of talented people. So couldn't dop it without these guys, believe me. They made it happen.

JESSICA RADLOFF: Well, it starts at the top too, so I can't--

ASHLEY PARK: Literally, this is all because of you. Literally. Thank you for the best paid play date ever.

JESSICA RADLOFF: I love that. Well, you guys are all just wonderful. I'm so happy that we got to do this. Thank you all so much for joining us for this special Paleyfest fall TV preview conversation, with a wonderful cast and creative team behind "Emily in Paris." And thank you to the festival sponsor, Verizon, and their official card, Citi. You can learn more about the Paley center by visiting paleycenter.org. Lucas, take it away.


ASHLEY PARK: Oh, come on!

JESSICA RADLOFF: Yes, I will marry you.

DARREN STAR: Yeah, what he said.

ASHLEY PARK: What he said.

LUCAS BRAVO: I just I just said that now, now the show is yours. And we can't wait for you to just bathe in romance, and love, and just Paris in general.

LILY COLLINS: I want to bathe in that right now.