Trump tells small Minnesota rally that the state’s governor advised him to cancel

President Trump told a small group of supporters at his Minnesota rally on Friday that the state’s governor had advised him to cancel the event.

Video Transcript


DONALD TRUMP: And I did not forget you because we were given a very, very hard time by your so-called leaders, but they're not very good leaders, as you found out during the riots. And we're going to win four more years in our great White House, thank you.


As you know, there are at least 25,000 people who wanted to be here tonight, we just saw a lot of them.


Wanted to pay our respects. They were here for a long time, they waited and waited and then the governor did bad things.


Your far-left Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison and your Democrat governor tried to shut down our rally, silence the people of Minnesota, and take away your freedom and your rights. They thought he would cancel-- a word they are very familiar with, cancel-- cancel culture-- but I said, no way, I will never abandon the people of Minnesota.

[CHEERING] I will come out. I will come out. Thousands and thousands of people over there, with cars-- we flew over cars-- they go miles long . What a shame, they waited here for a long time.