Wealth, power and justice: The Jeffrey Epstein case

Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy money manager, was arrested Saturday on charges he ran a sex trafficking ring and abused dozens of underage girls.The case has drawn massive media attention, in part because of Epstein’s high-profile acquaintances like President Trump and former President Bill Clinton. The charges have also led to renewed scrutiny over an agreement Epstein reached with authorities in 2008. The plea deal allowed him to serve 13 months of jail time for charges that legal experts said could have led to decades of prison time. The deal, which included Epstein having to register as a sex offender, was brokered by Alexander Acosta, a U.S. attorney in Florida at the time and the current secretary of labor. Acosta says he did what was appropriate for the victims. But critics say Epstein’s wealth and social status insulated him from fair punishment.