White House doctor doesn’t answer questions on how or when Trump may have contracted COVID-19

During a press conference Saturday, White House doctor Sean Conley refused to answer questions about how or when President Trump may have contracted COVID-19.

Video Transcript

- When was the positive diagnosis made? You said 72 hours. That would put that Wednesday.

DR. SEAN CONLEY: So Thursday afternoon, following-- following the news of a close contact is when we repeated testing. And given kind of clinical indications, I had a little bit more concern. And that's when that-- late that night, we got the PCR confirmation that he was.

- Is there any clarity on how he became infected?

DR. SEAN CONLEY: Not going to go into that. As far as his care, it's irrelevant.

- Or when he became infected?

DR. SEAN CONLEY: Yeah. We're not going to go into that. We're just tracking his clinical course and providing the best care we can.