Videocast: Active Saturday, Mild Sunday

Videocast: Active Saturday, Mild Sunday

Video Transcript

CEDRIC HAYNES: Well, Happy Saturday, everyone. We're tracking a low risk of some severe thunderstorms as we progress throughout your Saturday evening here as we've got a line of thunderstorms making its way on through the area here. Main threat should be some damaging winds, the potential of a couple of brief spin up tornadoes as well. We'll be tracking that for you through the evening hours. Let me show you the timing of this line making its way through about 7, 8, 9 o'clock this evening across the area.

And then as we get towards late this evening, after about 11 o'clock, I think all the storms are to our east. Things are starting to calm down across the area. And then overnight, we'll have that front moving through. After that, we start to clear the skies. And we're setting ourselves up for a very nice Sunday across the area with lots of afternoon sunshine and warm and mild temperatures moving back into the area.

But for tonight, again, we've got those storms out there going through about, let's say, 10 to 11 o'clock this evening. Then I expect some partial clearing overnight. Temperatures will drop down into the 50s across the area. And then as we go into your Sunday, look for some morning clouds. But look at that. Partly sunny skies in the afternoon. It's going to be breezy and warm on your Sunday afternoon with those highs climbing into the low, middle, and even upper 70s across the area.

We've got a stretch of nice and mild weather heading our way as we go throughout next week. So things will be fairly calm. But as we get beyond next weekend and heading into the following week, we're going to be watching out for potential significant cold blast to return across the area. That means back to below normal temperatures, specifically April the 18th through April the 24th. So just kind of keep that in the back of your mind and kind of plan ahead for that. But for us, again, a nice, calm pattern after we get through these evening storms.

Your four day plus. Morning clouds. Otherwise warm and breezy. Sunday, highs in the upper 70s. Near 80 on Monday with sunshine. And again, quiet and dry, but cooling off a little bit as we head towards the end of next week. But overall, nice weather once we get past tonight. And same thing for the mountains. Again, we've got to get past tonight. Then we got some nice, cooler weather heading our way by the end of the week. It could be even cooler heading into the following week.