‘It was broken’: Videos show LaserShip delivery workers throwing packages

A Hickory family says delivery workers with a company Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke has been investigating for more than a year were rough with their packages and they caught it on camera.

Isaias Alvarez shared three doorbell videos with Stoogenke.

In the first video, you see a LaserShip deliveryman tossing a box up some steps.

In the second video, the worker tosses the box up the stairs and it rolls back down, so the man throws it again.

In the third video, the worker throws the package as well.

“They just throw it on the front of my porch and (the package fell) again and they pick it up and they throw it again,” Alvarez said. “I get angry.”


Alvarez says some of the items were fragile and ended up damaged. The one that tumbled down the stairs was a blender. “Yes, it was broken. The glass … It’s a glass blender, not a plastic blender,” he said.

He says he complained to LaserShip but didn’t get anywhere. He wishes the companies he buys from would use a different carrier. “I feel concerned because I don’t want them to keep doing the same thing,” he said.

He says in some cases the seller sent him a new item and used a different shipping company, but other times the vendor would not replace the item and he was out the money.

Stoogenke has reached out to LaserShip multiple times since mid-December for its response to the videos. The business did not respond in time for this report.

Almost 60 customers have complained to Action 9 about LaserShip since September 2021. Most of them said they ordered items that made it to LaserShip’s Charlotte warehouse but not to their addresses.

In April, police charged a former warehouse manager, Jarvas Foster, with stealing items. Prosecutors say he pleaded guilty to a lesser crime and will have to pay restitution.

Stoogenke says if something happens to your package, always complain first to the seller. Your relationship is with the seller and not the delivery company. You can always file a complaint with your state’s attorney general as well.

VIDEO: Delivery company manager charged with theft pleads guilty