CPD officers involved in Red Line station shooting may be fired

Two officers involved in a shooting at the Grand Red Line station last year have been recommended for firing.

Video Transcript

- CTA surveillance video shows Ariel Roman running up the red line Grand Station escalator after the 33-year-old was shot by a mass transit police officer in February. Roman collapses at the top before Chicago police body cam video shows several officers responding.

Today, the Civilian Office of Accountability, COPA, released all video involved in the incident, including the already shown witness cell phone video of the shooting. But Roman's attorney says what happens on the train between Roman and the officers is significant, especially the interaction with the female officer, who minutes later, shoots Roman.

GREG KULIS: You can see that Ariel is totally-- totally cooperative, is not aggressive, not abrasive.

- The officers told Roman to get off the train because he was violating a city ordinance by walking from train car to train car. Once on the platform, a struggle between all three began. This is where cell phone video captures the officers trying to hold Roman down and arrest him as he resisted. The female officer tased him before firing her gun at Roman.

GREG KULIS: I didn't see any reason to take him into custody. I didn't see any reason to detain him. There was never any conversation about issuing any type of citation.

- Roman is now recovering at home. He has filed an excessive force lawsuit. The officers involved were stripped of their police powers.