Graphic videos purportedly show victims of chemical weapons attack in Syria

Disturbing videos released by Syrian activists Wednesday show what they say is proof that President Bashar Assad's forces used chemical weapons in an attack that killed as many as 1,300 people.

One video shows bodies, covered in white sheets, lining the streets of Damascus and surrounding suburbs. Another shows bodies, uncovered, in what appears to be a hospital. Activists say they were victims of a nerve gas attack.

"Many of the casualties are women and children," a local nurse at an emergency clinic in Damascus told Reuters. "They arrived with their pupils dilated, cold limbs and foam in their mouths. The doctors say these are typical symptoms of nerve gas victims."

Syrian state television denied government forces had used poison gas and said the accusations were intended to distract a team of United Nations chemical weapons experts that arrived three days ago.

Warning: The images in the videos below are graphic. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.