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View Photos of Our Long-Term 2019 Honda Passport

2019 Honda Passport

  • J
    35k is not long term. 135k is.
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    Any car should run 35K miles with no problems. Tell me about this car after 200K. Hondas and Toyotas are normally good for that mileage plus.
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    Vishal G
    Can get a nicer Telluride for a similar price. Was looking forward to the Passport, but the price just doesn't make sense.
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    Do your research
    Engine compartment looks packed imagine changing an alternator or starter....
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    Wow.. so it can go down a Smooth wet road? .... What a "SUV" :-))
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    Pretty decent nameplate to revive, minus the fact that the old ones were plagued by GM made tranny's though not as bad as Caitlyn. Should be a strong seller, looks good in person, though I'd wait a year and pick up a Telluride SX, and save a good 10k or so.
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    R L
    Car and Driver needs to hire some experienced adults who know something about cars. That's a hatchback, not an SUV! Or was my '77 Chevette an SUV?
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    A Florida Man
    What are the long term effects of being forced to drive a Passport?
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    so does the CRV at a much lower price. whats your point?
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    Though this may all be Honda, I still can't shake my memory off that Isuzu rebranded as Honda Passport. Honda make quality vehicles, but his may not be the right size and price since I probably only saw one or maybe two of this Passport on the road since it came out.