Should 'The View' have a Trump-supporting co-host? Meghan McCain weighs in

Does Meghan McCain think that "The View" should hire a co-host that openly supports President Donald Trump?

That's what a fan calling into the "Watch What Happens Live" after-show asked her on Tuesday night, wondering if there would be "more balance with a Trump supporter at the table." McCain, who is a staunch conservative but decidedly not a Trump supporter, said that it's a question that she frequently considers.

"I question this all the time, because I'm conservative -- I'm not a Trumper -- and there is a MAGA element, obviously, in the country," she responded. "It's interesting that [in] mainstream news I'm the furthest a conservative can go at the table. I honestly think Joy [Behar] would walk if we had a Trump person there." 

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Without a co-host who backs Trump, and as the show's conservative figurehead (Abby Huntsman used to be a Fox News host, but she's more demure in expressing her opinions.), McCain told Andy Cohen that she oftentimes feels as though she needs to take into consideration the perspectives of those in America who do support the president.



"I think I do a pretty good job. Part of my anger is that I'm carrying a lot: I'm trying to showcase not just my point of view, but the point of view of someone who doesn't agree with me," she explained.

"There are days where I'm just trying to explain it. I think we have to learn lessons from the last election, and I don't think everyone in the media is learning them," McCain went on. "I think we're repeating them. Do you want Trump for the next six years, everyone? No, so maybe listen to Aunt Meghan about some of the mistakes you made, because I saw a lot of this coming."

When Cohen expressed "worry that ['The View' is] beating you down," the daughter of the late Senator John McCain noted that she wishes she could express more of her opinions on the show -- but the constraints of being on television can sometimes leave her frustrated.

"I wish that the producers on my show would allow us to be more 360-degree people. For me, these are really intense times, and I feel a huge responsibility to represent conservatives and Republicans, even though I'm not a Trumper. And it's a lot. [...] I'm doing the best I can. I have good days and bad days, but we're winning the ratings war by a long shot."

Plus, she said, she takes after her notoriously hot-tempered father and, at the end of the day, her self-described "passion" is what has given her longevity on a show that is historically dominated by liberal voices.

"Look, my dad had a horrible temper in the Senate famously, and our personalities are very similar. For me it's passion and, no disrespect, but a lot of people have failed at my chair," McCain alluding to past conservative co-hosts who lasted for one or two seasons. "I am on my third year -- it's the longest since Elisabeth [Hasselbeck]. Thank you very much. I think part of it is that I'm a true believer, and I take it seriously."

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While Hasselbeck was on "The View" for a whopping 11 seasons, many of her successors lasted for much shorter amounts of time. And, while McCain appears to be content in her current role on the ABC talk show, she revealed on "WWHL" that she goes in "assuming" she's "going to be fired every day," so she is also definitely thinking about her future beyond television.

"Honestly, I didn't for forever and then all of a sudden I actually saw AOC, a clip of her documentary, she said, 'Nobody was gonna do it, so I thought I better do it,'" she said in response to a fan asking if she'd consider running for office. "So, like, if 'The View' cancels me and fires me, I want to go back to politics in some form or another. I don't know what that means, [but] maybe getting other people elected. I go in assuming I'm going to be fired every day anyway."