Viewers In North Texas Report Seeing Mysterious Streak Of Lights In Sky

"What was that?" That's the question some people in North Texas have as they witnessed a strange streak of lights in the night sky Wednesday.

Video Transcript

- We have heard from several of you tonight, and we have been talking about it in the office and all across social media, that thing in the sky. String of lights remained in the sky for less than a minute in a pretty strange way tonight. This is video from Hannah Bradford. Hannah, thank you. Northern Tarrant County, she saw it first over the Roanoke area. We've seen several videos look about the same. We have reached out to the meteorologists at the National Weather Service. One possibility being talked about, Starlink internet satellites. There was a launch in Florida today. They launched 60 satellites, Scott Padget, as you and I both know, the SpaceX crew. And theoretically, they're all up there still together now until they, I guess, deploy to their final altitudes where they'll live the rest of their satellite life, and that that could be the trail of them, tonight.

SCOTT PADGET: And I was looking at their website to see kind of the path, and one of them had come right over North Texas right around the 9 o'clock hour. That-- that could be. Our radar did not pick it up. I was looking back at that time frame to see if we could see that. We didn't pick it up on our radar. The National Weather Service didn't pick it up on the radar either, but you guys there at home, you definitely picked it up as you saw it there in the sky.