Another arrest made in fatal shooting of 10-year-old boy in Queens

Another arrest was made in connection with the shooting death of a 10-year-old boy in Queens

Video Transcript

- First, a community in Brooklyn coming together tonight in grief and to support the family of a 10-year-old boy shot and killed at a family barbecue. Eyewitness News reporter Josh Einiger tonight with the efforts to stop the violence.

JOSH EINIGER: In a part of the city where there's never been all that much to celebrate--

- This is the whole Peninsula out here of hurt and traumatized people that need help.

JOSH EINIGER: -- many here aren't far from rock bottom.

- He could of lived, he could of lived. Where's our hospital? Where's our trauma unit?

JOSH EINIGER: Justin Wallace was days shy of his 11th birthday, when cops say 29-year-old Trayvon Young fired eight shots into this house on Beach 45th Street in Far Rockaway. Police believe it was the result of a fight over a shared driveway. Justin was inside visiting family. A bullet pierced his heart. As gun violence has soared across the city, calls for unity have become louder and louder. It was no different on Beach 45th tonight. But here in the Rockaways, cops in the 101 Precinct have been working hand-in-hand with the community for years. Captain Eric Robinson is the Commanding Officer.

ERIC ROBINSON: It seems everyone retreats to the extremist views and we don't find anybody in the middle. And where I saw people in the middle today, was right here in the middle of the street. We were thinking about each other and how we can't have this happen again.

JOSH EINIGER: This precinct has partnered with violence disrupters like Kenny Carter.

KENNY CARTER: The one person who committed that particular act, he's not a representative of me or my community.

- Why do you kill that little boy, bro?

JOSH EINIGER: Who says the answer to stopping the violence is to join forces, and help the police de-escalate before things turn deadly.

KENNY CARTER: So had they had some type of mediation transpire with this particular parking dispute that they were having over this space, you know, if that could have been settled.

JOSH EINIGER: Cops credit their partnerships in the community with driving tips that helped them solve this case as quickly as they did, but it wasn't enough to help prevent the death of Justin Wallace, a fifth graders funeral now set for June 21st.