Vigil Held To Remember Life Of Sean Ruffin, 19-Year-Old Killed In Crash On MD 295

A beloved former Patapsco High School football player is being remembered after he was killed in a car crash earlier this week. A vigil was held Thursday for 19-year-old Sean Ruffin.

Video Transcript

RICK RITTER: And tonight, a beloved former Patapsco High School football player being remembered after he was killed in a car crash earlier this week. WJZ live at Jimmy's Famous Seafood tonight, where the young man worked. Amy Kawata spoke with his friends and former classmates, who say he touched everyone who knew him. Amy.

AMY KAWATA: Rick, well, friends, family, and loved ones tell me that the 19-year-old Sean Ruffin really touched everyone's life, like you said. He lit up the room whenever he walked in, and really just made an impact on every single person, they say, that he came in contact with. And tonight, they made sure his legacy stays alive.


AMY KAWATA: Red balloons filled the parking lot of Gray Manor Park.

- Sean Ruffin is an absolute beacon of light.

AMY KAWATA: As former Patapsco High School classmates, friends, and loved ones gather to remember 19-year-old Sean Ruffin.

- He had a good spirit. He always made everybody smile, everybody happy, everybody laugh.

- I'm just going to miss him. The energy he gave off, good energy, a positive energy.

AMY KAWATA: Early Tuesday morning, state police say Ruffin was sitting in the passenger seat of a Toyota Camry driving north on Route 295 in Linthicum, when the driver lost control and hit a tree. Ruffin was pronounced dead at the scene.

- Gut-wrenching.

- I don't want to believe it. I'm struggling a lot.

AMY KAWATA: Police say the 19-year-old driver was taken to shock trauma, and we're told he is OK. The cause of the crash remains under investigation. Ruffin was the captain for both the JV and varsity football program.

- That kid never came into school without a smile on his face, to practice without a pep in his step.

AMY KAWATA: --who sported the number 13 on the football field, and graduated last spring with the class of 2020.

- We knew Sean Ruffin was going to make something of himself, that he was going to do something different.

AMY KAWATA: Off the field, he worked at Jimmy's Famous Seafood. His boss says he had an incredible work ethic that set him up for a bright future ahead.

JOHN MINADAKIS: Such a hard worker, and so pleasant, and so full of personality.

AMY KAWATA: His friends say he was a light to everyone that crossed his path, and he will be missed.

- If you didn't meet him, I wish you did meet him. He was a really great kid.

AMY KAWATA: And on Sunday, a memorial will be held for Sean Ruffin here at Jimmy's Famous Seafood in Dundalk, from 3:00 to 6:00 at night. The restaurant owner also tells me they will be renaming the employee of the month award after him. Live in Dundalk tonight, I'm Amy Kawata for WJZ.