Vigil Planned To Condemn Violence Against Asian Community

The vigil will be held outside the City-County Building, KDKA's Chris Hoffman reports.

Video Transcript

BRIANA SMITH: Joins us with more on their message and the event taking place tonight. Chris.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Good morning, Briana. Their message is to end hate. And tonight at the City County Building, there will be a candlelight vigil right at the steps in front of it. They will remember the lives lost in the shootings this week in Atlanta. Eight people were killed in those shootings, including six women of Asian descent.

Several organizations are putting this vigil together. According to a Facebook event page, it will start at 6:30 with speakers at 7:00. The message will be to stand together against hate and condemn the violence against the Asian-American community.

This comes after a rally in Oakland on Saturday to stop hate against Asian-Americans. Hundreds came out to take that call to action, including actress and activist Sandra Oh. She encouraged everyone to support their neighbor and speak up when they see something wrong.


- There is no just one way to help. It's just about listening to Asian people, about the struggles that they face and doing what you can to show up for them every day.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Since last March, Stop Asian-American Pacific Islander hate has had around 3,800 hate crimes and violent acts reported to them. Pittsburgh public safety is aware of the uptick in violence against the Asian community and reminds people to call 911 for emergencies. Now, anyone that is attending that vigil tonight is required to have a mask and reminded to maintain social distancing. In downtown, Chris Hoffman, "KDKA News."