Vigo Election Board OKs ballots for November election

Sep. 13—The Vigo County Election Board certified the 2023 general election's paper and electronic ballots at a Wednesday morning meeting at the Vigo County Courthouse.

It also voted to exempt the cities of Riley and Seelyville from having to participate in the election. Candidates there are running unopposed, so the move will save the cities from the expenses involved in the election process.

County prosecutor Terry Modesitt noticed that the Indiana code being cited for Riley and Seelyville's exemptions had the wrong number on it due to a typo. After a brief recess to explain the issue to the board, the meeting resumed with members voting to amend the previous decision so that the correct Indiana code was being cited.

"Thank goodness Terry was here and caught that," said board Chairman John Kesler.

The 2023 ballot will also include an enhancement regarding straight-ticket voting that adds more clarity.

In addition to the explanation at the top of the ballot on the procedure, another will appear before the at-large candidates appear on the ballot. Voters can choose up to three at-large candidates.

Republican Randy Gentry and Democrat Joe Etling, county chairmen of their respective parties, had earlier signed off on the ballot, and candidates were allowed to peruse it in advance of the meeting to make sure all of their information was correct.

Precinct election officers and poll workers must attend one training session before serving on election day, which is Nov. 7.

Paper and computer ballots will now be prepared in advance of voting.

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