Viking revenge tale 'The Northman' premieres in London


Location: London

Stars attended the premiere of 'The Northman'

The film is a Viking revenge tale

starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Alexander Skarsgard

[Robert Eggers, Filmmaker]

"There really hasn't been an accurate Viking movie ever before, and I was working with the greatest historians and archaeologists in the field and, you know, one thing is for sure this is the most accurate Viking movie that's ever been made."

[Anya Taylor-Joy, Actor]

"I mean, I think when you sign up to a Robert Eggers movie at this point, you kind of know what you're doing. I weirdly loved it. I loved every second of it; the cold, the bare feet, the mud. I was really, really there for it. So I had a great time. But it was definitely intense."

Set in 895 AD, Skarsgard plays a Viking prince

who flees his home in the North Atlantic

and travels to Iceland to rescue his mother, played by Nicole Kidman

Skarsgard had to bulk up for the role

[Alexander Skarsgard, Actor]

"Amleth, my character is a berserker and his name is Bjorn Ulfur, which means Bear Wolf. So, I wanted just to put on a bit of weight. And when Amleth transforms from his human state to his spirit animal, he becomes a hybrid of a bear and a wolf so it was important to just bulk up a bit and get a bit bigger."