The Vikings finally started utilizing blitzes vs. Jets

The Minnesota Vikings’ defense is in an interesting spot. They have been really successful in preventing teams from scoring points but they are not great in allowing yards.

Despite being 20th in points allowed per game with 23.3, they are 31st in yards allowed with 398.7 per game. Only their opponent on Sunday the Detroit Lions allows more.

One element that the Vikings haven’t tried so far this year to help improve both their defense and pass rush is how often they blitz. They went into the game against the Jets only blitzing on 17.1% of snaps.

Against the Jets, defensive coordinator Ed Donatell dialed up blitzes on a season-high 28% of snaps per PFF.

They didn’t achieve a high pressure rate, but it was great to see a different approach.

How can the Vikings do a better job with both? They need better production in general from their pass rushers and the rush techniques need to be both more creative and explosive.

Regardless of it’s success, seeing Donatell try something to energize and get more production from his defense with a new approach is great to see.


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Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire