Village of Dibrivne in Kharkiv Oblast liberated after Russians abandon vehicles and flee

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Footage from the liberated village of Dibrivne
Footage from the liberated village of Dibrivne

“The brigade pushed the enemy back behind the village of Dibrivne and moved the front line,” read the captions to the video. “Being cut off from supply lines, the invaders fled, abandoning their vehicles. However, they heavily mined the village with anti-personnel and anti-tank mines before leaving.”
The soldiers filmed the aftermath of the battle, showing ruined houses and the vehicles abandoned by the Russian invaders.

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"We simply ousted them,” says an officer of the 93rd brigade, named as Oleksandr. “They no longer had transportation routes left, all logistics were disrupted, and the enemy realized that they had their oxygen cut off in the village. They had nothing left to bring provisions or ammunition with, and the evacuation of their wounded became difficult. Therefore they ‘heroically’ retreated.”

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Ukraine’s General Staff announced the liberation of the villages of Mazanivka and Dmytrivka in Donetsk Oblast on Aug. 4.

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